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Why Accounting Dissertation topics bother students?

One of the most important issue with Accounting Dissertation topics is the selection of topic. A good topic ensure good marks for students. It is therefore students are always worried about dissertation topics in accounting as it is one of the most difficult thing in writing a dissertation. In order to help students, we are presenting list of five good accounting dissertation topics for your perusal. These dissertation topics in accounting selected by our experts after lot of analysis.

Four Best Accounting Dissertation topics

Does Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) increase the usefulness and presentation of Numbers?

IFRS is a globally accepted accounting policies and procedures. With difference in Accounting of different Countries, Investors were finding really tough to judge the Financial Strength of an entity as every country followed different set of accounting and presentation method of financial figures. With implementation of IFRS, every company in every country has to follows same method of accounting which has led to common presentation of accounting items all over the world and comparable across international Boundaries. IFRS is commonly known as International Accounting Standards issued by International Accounting Standards Boards.

Emergence of Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 due to lack in Internal Control and growing US Accounting Scandals:

After Various Accounting Scandals Such as Enron Scandal in 2001, Xerox Scandal in 2000, Cendant Scandal in 1998, WorldCom in 2002 in United States, PCAOB tried to figure out the actual reasons for all such scandals and after making a thorough analysis it was found that lack of proper internal control leads to major Accounting Scandals. This lead to the formation of new Act known as Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002 that focuses on additional reporting requirement for the Companies to reduce the Chances of Fraud. This act imposes additional reporting requirement to all US Public Company where apart from publishing the Financial Statement, they also need to report on other aspect such as CEO must certify the Financial Statement, and there must be a report on assessment of Internal Control policies adopted by Companies etc.

Effects and Economic Consequences of Regular Tax Changes:

This paper examines how Regular Tax Changes by Government to the individual income tax can have effect on economic growth. The basic purpose of imposing Tax is to achieve economic growth. However if there is a regular Tax Changes happening in an economy , than it can also have adverse effect on economy planning .Decline in tax rates leads to better savings and investment , however there should also be decline in Spending’s at the same time , otherwise it will bring deficit in the budget.

Fraudulent Financial Reporting of Financial Statements:

This dissertation draws attention on the various ways by which Management can deceive the investors by reporting wrong figures in the Financial Statements. The main purpose of Fraudulent Financial Reporting is to make money in an illegal manner by taking the wrong use of Accounting. Window-dressing of Financial Statement, Showing Wrong Accounts as well as Fake Accounts in the Financial Statements is some of the ways of Fraudulent Financial Reporting.

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