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Ratio Analysis


Ratio is a relationship between two or more numbers. Or it can also be said that the division of two quantities gives the ratio. Ratio analysis is based on accounting information. Ratio is used to compare current performance with previous performance records as well as with the firm’s competitors. Ratio Analysis is a process of comparison in which one figure is compared against another. There are many kinds of ratios such as Short-term, Profitability ratios, Market Value ratios, Solvency Ratios, Debt Management Ratios, etc. Ratio Analysis is a primary technique of the analysis of financial report in business aspects. It helps the users like shareholders, investors, creditors, analysts, and researchers etc. to understand the financial statements in a better way. Advantage of Ratio Analysis Assignment Help provides basis of knowledge and a depth idea about the advantage of ratio analysis.

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Advantages of Ratio Analysis


The three areas covered in ratio analysis are profitability, liquidity and efficiency. The financial analyst uses the accounting ratios to diagnose the financial health of a firm or an enterprise. It should only be used as a first step in financial analysis. It gives a quick comparison of a firm’s performance and also gives an idea about the areas which need to be further investigated. There are various advantages of ratio analysis given in Advantage of Ratio Analysis Assignment Help, they are: –

  • 1. Budgeting: –

Budget is an estimation of expenses over a specified future period of time. Budgeted figures can be estimated by the help of accounting ratios. Sales budget is prepared with the help of analysis of past sales.

  • 2. Planning: –

The changes in cost, sales, profit, loss and other facts can be known by computing ratios of accounting figures of last few years. This analysis with the help of ratios is useful for planning future business activities.

  • 3. Communication: –

Communication is the process of transfer of information from one person to another. Ratios play a key role in communication. By the help of ratios the progress and position of a company can be discussed with the owners or other parties. The Different communication channels can be viewed at Advantage of Ratio Analysis Assignment Help.

  • 4. Inter-firm Comparison: –

Comparison of performance of two or more firms gives the efficient and inefficient firms. This comparison helps the inefficient firm to adopt several measures to improve their efficiency. The best way is to compare the relevant ratios of the firm with the average ratio of the industry.

  • 5. Control of Performance: –

Ratio analysis is used for control of performances of the different sections or departments in a firm.

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