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What is financial statement analysis?

Financial Analysis refers to an examination of stability, viability and profitability of a business enterprise or an organisation as a whole or particular project that it has undertaken. It is performed by expert professionals who prepare reports using the information taken from the company’s financial statements. These reports are usually presented to top management who use it as a tool in making business decisions. So financial statement analysis has immense value in academics and professional world. We at analysis of Financial Statement Assignment Help Service provide you a complete guidance to understand the topic.

  • Based on financial statement analysis report management may take any one of the possible decisions:

 Continue or discontinue its main operation or part of its business interest
 Make or purchase certain materials in order to manufacture its products
 Acquire, rent or lease certain machineries and equipments
 Issue stock or negotiate for a bank loan to increase its working capital
 And decisions regarding investing or lending capital.

In short it allows the management to make decision regarding the overall operation of a company or a business enterprise. So it is indeed a complicated subject that needs expert guidance. Our Analysis of Financial Statement Assignment Help Service will be the best assignment help your are seeking for.

What are the components of a financial statement?


  • There are three important financial accounting statements:

 Statement of Income – It shows the net profit the company had made during the financial quarter. In financial accounting, it is given by the formula:
Net Profit = Revenue –Expenses
 Statement of Cashflows – It simply states how much money came in and how much money left with the company in a financial sheet. It consists of three parts
1. Operating Activities
2. Financial Activities
3. Investment Activities
 Balance sheet – It is the final step in preparing the financial reports. It lists the assets of the company in one hand and the liabilities on the other along with owner’s equity.

According to our Analysis of Financial Statement Assignment Help experts good reports must also carry a detailed descriptive statement of company’s economic and commercial performance.

What are the major goals of financial analysis?


  • There are four major goals:

1. Profitability
2. Solvency
3. Liquidity
4. Stability

These four aspects have been well explained by our experts in our Analysis of Financial Statement Assignment Help. Then there are different methods of financial analysis which is an important aspect of Analysis of Financial Statement Assignment Help.

  • Our eminent experts cover the following methods of financial analysis


1. Profitability Ratios
2. Profit Margin
3. Current Liquidity Ratio
4. Quick Liquidity Ratio
5. Debt Ratio
6. Earnings per share
7. Dividend cover

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