ASH hospitals Finance Assingment Help With Solution

ASH hospitals Finance Assingment Help With Solution

1. Sonia is in the 30% personal tax bracket. She is deciding to buy some bonds. One is from a for profit organization THA which offers a 10% interest rate and the other is from a not-for profit organization ASH hospitals which offers a 9% interest rate (tax-exempt).
a. What is her after tax yield (interest rate) on the bonds from THA?
b. Should Sonia buy the bonds from ASH hospital or from THA?
c. What interest rate should either THA or ASH have on the bonds that will make her indifferent between the bonds?
2. A hospital has three patient services department listed below with the corresponding revenue and patients for each department. The hospital needs to allocate $200,000 of direct cost of its Finance support department to the three revenue producing departments.
Department Revenue # of Patients
Urology 6,000,000 4,000
ICU 8,000,000 2,000
Radiology 2,000,000 2,000
Total 16,000,000 8,000
a. What is the dollar allocation to each of the patient departments if the patient services revenue is used as the cost driver?
b. What is the dollar allocation to each of the patient departments if the number of patients is used as the cost driver?
c. What is the difference in the allocation to each department between the two drivers?
d. Which is the better driver and why?


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3. Fill in the missing data indicated by the questions marks for the data given below:
Revenue Total Variable Cost Fixed Cost Total Costs Profits
A 5,000 1,000 ? 4,000 ?
B ? 2,000 ? 2,600 4,000
C 4,000 ? 600 ? 400
D 6,000 ? 4,000 ? 1,000
4. The radiation therapy department at the St. John’s Hospital offers various services. The data below shows the costs and utilization of the department for a year.
Service Variable Cost Annual Direct Costs Annual Number of Visits
Basic Exam $2 100,000 5,000
Advanced Exam $5 50,000 2,000
Radiation Therapy $10 200,00 3,000
a. What is the fee schedule if the goal is to cover only variable and direct fixed costs?
b. Assume that the financial department allocated $50,000 in overhead to the three departments on the basis of number of visits. What is the fee schedule needed to cover all costs (total cost?)
c. Assume that the three departments must make a combined profit of $50,000. What is the new fee schedule? Use the annual number of visits to allocate the profit between the three departments.
5. The Randell surgery center has the following cost structure:
Fixed cost $1,000,000
Variable cost per surgery $2,500
Charge(revenue) per surgery $5,000
The Center expects to perform 5,000 surgeries next year.
a. Construct the Centers base P & L statement
b. What is the contribution margin (total and per procedure)? What is the break even point?
c. What price is required to provide a pretax profit of $4,000,000? After tax profit of $2,800,000? Assume a 30% Tax rate.
d. Construct a CVP analysis graph depicting the base case situation
e. The center contracts with an HMO who now wants a 20% discount on the charges. Redo the questions under the new conditions (a and b).
f. What is the new profit/loss if the center accepts a contract that cover 20% of its surgeries at a 10% discount?Construct the new P & L statement.
6. Study the data below and answer the following questions
Activity Cost Driver Annual Cost $ Test A Test B
Acquire Test materials Purchase requisitions 1,200,000 7,000 3,000 requisitions
Setting up machines Machine setups 1,600,000 1,100 900 setups
Running machines Machine hours 2,700,000 50,000 40,000 hours
Analyze and interpret results Direct labor hours 1,500,000 200,000 50,000 hours
Finalize and transmit report Inspection labor hours 1,000,000 12,000 8,000 hours
a. Using ABC techniques, determine the allocation rate for each activity?
b. Determine the cost of performing each test, Test A and Test B
c. Assuming that the center wants a 20% profit margin on price, how much should be charged for each test?



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