Balanced Chemical Equations Assignment Help With Solution

Balanced Chemical Equations Assignment Help

1. A 1.00-L bulb contains a sample of O2 at 25°C and 1.00 atm pressure. A second 1.00-L bulb contains a sample of CH4 at 25°C and 1.00 atm pressure. What is the ratio of the number of molecules of methane to the number of molecules of oxygen in each of the containers?
2.Methane (CH4) a natural gas), is stored in a 100 L tank at -10 ° C and a pressure of 125 atm. The gas is used to provide fuel for a furnace that heats a country home during the winter. The furnace consumes an average of 500 L of methane a day. How long will this supply of methane last if it is burned at 450°C at a pressure of 102 kPa?
3.A mixture of CH4 and H2O is passed over a nickel catalyst at 1000 K. The emerging gas is collected in a 5.00-L flask and is found to contain 8.62 g of CO, 2.60 g of H2, 43.0 g of CH4, and 48.4 g of H2O. Assuming that equilibrium has been reached, calculate Kc and Kp for the reaction.
4.Aluminum reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce aluminum chloride and hydrogen gas. What mass of H2(g) is produced from the reaction of 0.75 g Al(s) with excess hydrochloric acid?
5.Write balanced chemical equations to correspond to each of the following descriptions:
(a)Solid calcium carbide, CaC2, reacts with water to form an aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide and acetylene gas, C2H2.
(b) When solid potassium chlorate is heated, it decomposes to form solid potassium chloride and oxygen gas.
(c) Solid zinc metal reacts with sulfuric acid to form hydrogen gas and an aqueous solution of zinc sulfate.
(d) When liquid phosphorus trichloride is added to water, it reacts to form aqueous phosphorous acid, H3PO3(aq), and aqueous hydrochloric acid.
(e) When hydrogen sulfide gas is passed over solid hot iron(III) hydroxide, the resultant reaction produces solid iron(III) sulfide and gaseous water.
6.Write the balanced molecular and net ionic equations for each of the following neutralization reactions:
(a) Aqueous acetic acid is neutralized by aqueous barium hydroxide.
(b) Solid chromium(III) hydroxide reacts with nitrous acid.
(c) Aqueous nitric acid and aqueous ammonia react.

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7. Magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, and magnesium hydroxide are all white solids that react with acidic solutions.
(a) Write a balanced molecular equation and a net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when each substance reacts with a hydrochloric acid solution.
(b) By observing the reactions in part (a) could you distinguish any of the three magnesium substances from the other two? If so how?
(c) If excess HCl(aq) is added, would the clear solutions left behind after the reaction is complete contain the same or different ions in each case?

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