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Behavior Finance is the field of finance that proposes psychology-based theories.

Behavioral Finance Assignment Help
Behavioral Finance Assignment Help
It is also regarded as the sub-disciplinary field that comprises a major part of economics to explain stock market anomalies such as severe rises and falls in stock price. Behavior finance assignment help to study the emotional factors regarding economic decisions of individuals and institutes. It also guides about the consequences for market price, returns and resource allocations. It studies about impact of different kinds of behavior, in different environments of varying experimental values.

The study of behavior economics includes how market decision is made and the mechanism of driving public choice. This term had increased in US in the last few years. There are three prevalent themes in behavior financing. They are:
• Stock market behavior
• Quantitative financial analysis
• Game theory
• Evolutionary economics
Behavior finance homework help concerns this topic and it is on high demand. It mainly demands the students to study key investment strategies which directly address these theories. Many traditional models are based on the belief market participants which always act on the rational and self-bettering, or wealth-maximizing. Behavior finance attempts mostly to fill the gap by combining scientific insights into cognitive reasoning with conventional economic and financial theory. Behavior finance studies about different psychological basis that human possess. Also portfolios managers and a vested interest in understanding this topic, not only to capitalize stock and bond market fluctuations, but it also helps to get aware about their decision-making processes.

What is Rational Behavior?

Rational behavior is the portion of behavior finance within the economics that focuses on the behavior of individuals within the market place. For a decision which seems to be logical , it must make logical sense, and often the decision is made without significant emotional response over the choice. Rational behavior necessarily does not require a person to attempt to get the highest returns.

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