Best Architecture Dissertation Topics

Best Architecture Dissertation Topics


Did Best Architecture dissertation topics assure the knowledge of science, arts and humanity?

Architecture is the process and product of planning, designing and construction of physical structure and buildings. Dissertation topics in architecture signifies professional services in connection with designing and structuring building.

Best architecture Dissertation Topics
Best Architecture Dissertation Topics
There are number of dissertation topics in architecture, which helps students in understanding the topic more deeply. Our company provides guidance and point tips on Best architecture dissertation topics. Here are some topics explaining the criteria of architecture.

Five Dissertation topics in Architecture:

Origin and modern concept of Architecture
As human culture accelerate its development and knowledge began to stimulate through tradition and practices construction become a craft, and architecture seems to be mostly formalized and respected version. The modern concept of architecture starts with the building of skyscrapers. A new concepts also born was sustainability or sustainable architecture means the building should be environment friendly mostly in terms of production of its materials.
Relationship and importance of glass in architecture
There seems a different relationship between glass and architecture (mainly construction of buildings). From ancient times only it is called as magical material assisting different properties and uses. Since 1800s glass has been used for cellars and then invention of prismatic glass which get used to fit with steel frames which is used in the form ceilings and skylights. Development of hollow glass blocks that offers better noise and thermal isolation compared to solid blocks.
Asian architecture: symbol and mixture of different forms of architecture
The early ancient Asian architecture was started from 7th to 5th century BCE. The structure in different parts of Asia developed with different lines that is mixture of different countries like Europe , Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh. Buddhist architecture showed great regional diversity. Hindus temple architecture started in 3rd century. Here architecture is mainly designed to enhanced the natural landscape.
Complexity of construction increased from 1980s with the design process informed by social science and environment
From the era of 1980 field of architecture becomes multi-disciplinary mainly in terms of structure, service and technologies. Today architecture has taken the shape of environmental sustainability. Many architects have supported the financing of building with facilitating the sustainability of environment. Major examples are greener roof design, solar building design and many more. Today there has been acceleration in the construction of building that meets green building sustainable design principles.
Main Advantage and Disadvantage of pursuing career in architecture
Today architecture is becoming a demanding sector and also an interesting profession, as architect mainly involves in design work rather than technical or document work. The main benefit is it doesn’t involves heavy math mostly involves calculus and best drawing skill, estimate works, excellent listening and hearing capacity. Main disadvantages are it is long, competitive as well as expensive. They are mostly depends on economic growth for their living. It is a subject of ups and down economy with challenging and demanding field.
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