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The application of biological principles for studying physiological, genetic and developmental mechanisms which occur in humans and other living beings is known as biological psychology. Biological psychology is also famously termed as behavioural neuroscience or biopsychology. For further insight on the concept of biological neuroscience, kindly refer Biological Psychology Assignment Help.The need for the study of biopsychology can be dated back to the eighteenth and the nineteenth century when great philosophers like René Descartes started to propose physical models to provide explanatory details for the human and animal behaviours. The emergence of biopsychology can be a result of emergence of physiology from anatomy. For better understanding kindly go through Biological Psychology Assignment Help.

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Branches of biological psychology

Biological psychology has proved to solve many riddles which the human mind possesses and hence has contributed a lot in comprehensive study of various medical disorders which would be discussed in the following sections of Biological Psychology Assignment Help.
• Parkinson’s disease: It’s a degenerative disorder which tends to affect the central nervous system which impairs the patients’ motor skills and speech. Biopsychology revealed that this anomaly of the brain to control the movements of the body occurred due to the absence of secretion of dopamine. For more knowledge about other fields of biopsychology refer Biological Psychology Assignment Help.
• Alzheimer’s’ Disease: It’s a neurodegenerative disorder which is characterised by the cognitive deterioration and neuropsychiatric symptoms. According bio psychological studies, Alzheimer’s’ disease occurs due to the toxic proteinaceous deposition of amyloid plaques on inside and outside of the neurons which damages synaptic input. It can be studied in Biological Psychology Assignment Help.
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