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Biometry is the process involving mathematics and statistics to solve the problems related to agriculture, biotech, environment issues and medical studies. It is also called biometrics in professional terms. It is a process of analyzing bio related data mathematically, which also includes the study of physiological and behavioral characteristics of individuals. There a lot of uses of biometry in modern life this eases day to day activities. It is used in computer science as a product of authentication and verification, and also plays a major role in surveillance. There are a lot of examples of implementation of biometry features such as finger print as well as facial recognition, DNA verification, palm print. It is also used in iris and retina recognition and verification. Traditionally a lot of products have used its features such as in verifying driving license and other private details of individuals. Now days a lot number of biometry features of identification has arrived leading to privacy concerns of individuals. It mainly focuses on pattern of an individual such as its behavior and physiological state under certain circumstances by using statistical analysis and mathematical aid. Biometry studies can be further explained and analyzed by Biometry Assignment Help Online.

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Basics of Biometry


  • Statistic

It is a process which includes a number of tools used to collect and summarize data for a given set of population to produce a concluded product. It is also referred to a quantity of numbers collected from commuted data; it involves a lot number of random phenomena and processes. It has certain uses such as observing study material and forming experiments, creating and analyzing hypothesis, drawing and picturing inferences. There are two types of statistics mathematical and applied statistics, mathematical statistics deals with the abstract experiments where as applied statistics deals with real one. Further clear explanation about the processes of statistics can be done by Biometry Assignment Help Online.

  • Biostatistics

It is a branch of science in statistics or particularly applied statistics which deals with experiments and applications in human and social biology. It is related to those experiments from medical sciences. It is not much different than normal statistics but has wider range of coverage.

  • Biometrics

It is the process involving mathematical analysis of experiments in order to solve the problems related in agriculture, environment. It involves tools such as applied statistics, modeling and computation.

  • Detailed Study of Analyzing Biometry can be done from Biometry Assignment Help Online.

Advantages and Applications:-

• Vast uses in medical sciences
• Identification of ID cards and proof.
• Driving Licenses.

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