BTPN: A Traditional Bank that became a Digital Indonesian Jenius Case Study Solution


Provide a brief overview of the case study.
Introduce the key players, BTPN (Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional) and Jenius.
Highlight the significance of the transformation of a traditional bank into a digital innovator in the Indonesian banking industry.
Present the structure of your analysis.
Case Issue:

Identify the central challenge or problem faced by BTPN.
Discuss the need for BTPN to adapt to changing customer preferences and technological advancements.
Highlight the competition and market dynamics in the Indonesian banking sector.

Case Analysis

BTPN’s Transformation Journey

Describe BTPN’s history and its position as a traditional bank.
Explain the factors that triggered the need for transformation, including changes in consumer behavior and the rise of digital banking.
Discuss the strategic decision to launch Jenius as a digital banking platform.
Jenius – A Digital Disruptor

Analyze the key features and innovations offered by Jenius.
Evaluate how Jenius leveraged technology to enhance customer experience.
Explore the impact of Jenius on the Indonesian banking landscape.
Challenges Faced and Overcome

Discuss the obstacles and challenges encountered during the transformation process.
Highlight how BTPN addressed these challenges through strategy and innovation.
Provide examples of strategic decisions made by BTPN to overcome hurdles.
Results and Impact

Present the outcomes and results of BTPN’s transformation.
Discuss the financial performance and market position of BTPN post-transformation.
Explore the impact of Jenius on customer acquisition and retention.


Summarize the key takeaways from the case study.
Emphasize the importance of digital transformation in the banking industry.
Reflect on the broader implications for traditional banks looking to embrace digital innovation.

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Offer strategic recommendations for other traditional banks considering a similar transformation.
Suggest areas of focus for continued success in the digital banking sector.
Encourage a forward-looking approach to adapt to evolving customer needs and technology trends.

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