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Posted on May 10, 2017

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Computers being the most used gadget these days have put a huge impact over daily and social lives of people. But, have we ever noticed about the functioning of computer or the operations it can handle logically or algorithmically. They do not have their own mind and hence they work according to the instructions provided to them. Such instructions are either in the binary language or some other code oriented language. C language is said to be the king of all code oriented programming language. And here we have consolidated the experts over C language programming from all around the world to provide you C Language Assignment Help.

What is C programming language?

Originally developed by Dennis M Ritchie in the year 1972, C programming language is now the most widely used programming language around the world. The main motive behind developing this language was to take help in developing a UNIX operating system at BELL labs.

  • The UNIX operating system was completely written in C. there were various reasons suggested for using C language
    a. Simplicity to learn
    b. Structured and maintained language
    c. Possibility for production of efficient programs
    d. Handling of low level activity is easy
    e. Easy to perform compilation on variety of computers.

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  • Our C Language Assignment Help experts have thoroughly been experiencing many facts about C programming and hence they highlight some of it here
    i. C language is successor of B language that was derived in 1970
    ii. American national standard institute (ANSI) approved this language and henceforth formalized it in 1988
    iii. Many state-of-the-art software are hence programmed by using C language
    iv. Even the most popular LINUX OS and RDBMS is also written in C language.
    With our C Language Assignment Help students can gain an insight about C language under various situations even if they are arithmetic or logical. We provide solutions for diversified problems.

    Characteristics of C

    Although it has been explained that C language is the widely used programming, but what makes it different from others. Yes, its characteristics.
    • C programming can start from a 3 line to
    millions of line according to the purpose
    • It is written in one or more text files with extension “.C”
    • Compilation and automatic error demonstrations is available in C programming
    • Use of arrays and pointers has exclusively utilized and widened the zone of C programming language.

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