Cargo Bikes Economic Assignment Help With Solution 

Cargo Bikes Economic Assignment Help With Solution

1) The demand for cargo bikes in New Zealand is where I is average income in thousands (i.e. if average income is 50,000 I=50)
a) Suppose Avanti decides to begin producing cargo bikes, and there are currently no other companies supplying the New Zealand market. If their marginal cost is expected to be $500, what is the maximum level of fixed costs at which they would be willing to enter the market? [assume average income is $40,000]
Since, she is the only producer, we know that Avanti will produce at a point where MR = MC.
At I = 40, we get the following demand curve, P = 5000 – 5Qd
So MR = MC point gives, Q = 450. And P = $ 2750
Let F be the fixed costs.
So profits = P*Q – (F+MC*Q), and this must be greater than 0.
So, (2750-500)*450 – F > 0
Which gives: F< $ 1,012,500 So, Fixed costs must be less than this value.
b) Now suppose fixed costs are 500,000, and if a second firm enters they will compete with Avanti through Cournot competition. Find the Cournot equilibrium and determine whether a second firm will choose to enter. . Profit functions for each firm: πi = (P*qi) – (F + cqi) = (5000 – 5(qi + qj)) – (500,000 + 500*qi) The best response function for firm i using the FOCs: Qi(qj) = {4500-5qj)/10 Solving the two best response functions simultaneously, we get q1 = q2 = 300 So we get P = 2000 We can see that at such prices and quantity, the profits are negative due to the high fixed costs. So the second firm will not enter.
c) Explain using a graph how an increase in average income (market size) might encourage more firms to enter the market.
2) The market for Banh Mi in Auckland CBD consists of 6 restaurants operating in monopolistic competition. Suppose that these firms face monthly fixed costs of $5,000 and marginal costs of $3. a) Draw the average cost and marginal cost curves for a representative firm. (5 marks) Total cost = 5000 + 3Q AC = 5000/Q + 3 MC = 3 So, we have the following graph. b) If the short run market price is $6 and each firm sells 2000 units per month, what will occur in the long run? Explain and show on a graph. (5 marks) We will have the following graph: When P = 6, and Q = 2000, We can see that AC = 5.5. Since P>AC, there will be positive profits in the market. As a result new firms will enter into the market in the long run.

c) Suppose that Banh Mi become more popular as a lunch option, and market demand increases. Explain the short run and long run effects on the market, including price, firm-level quantity and number of firms. Use graphs to explain your answer. (5 marks).

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3) Suppose Audrey and Nicky are cousins with a destructive streak. Audrey is 1 year old and has a 10% chance of creating substantial damage in the next year, in which case the expected cost is $2000. Nicky is 2 years old and has a 5% chance of creating substantial damage in the next year, in which case the expected cost is $3000. In both cases their parents would be responsible for the damage, and their parents are risk averse
a) If the insurance company were able to differentiate based on age, and offered actuarially fair insurance, how much would they charge Audrey’s parents and Nicky’s parents for insurance?
Actuarially fair insurance premium is exactly equal to the loss multiplied by its probability of happening.
For Audrey, it will be 0.1*2000 = $200
For Nicky, it will be 0.05*3000 = $150
b) Once Nicky’s parents have bought insurance, how is their behavior likely to change compared with when they did not have insurance? What is this called?.
They will be less caring towards avoiding the destruction caused by Nicky when they have bought the insurance. This is the problem of moral Hazard.
c) Suppose Nicky’s parents have $10,000 of wealth initially, but their wealth increases to $20,000 due to a bequest. Find the effect of this change in initial wealth on their maximum willingness to pay for insurance if their utility function is where c is their total wealth.
Initially their expected wealth is = 0.95*10,000 + 0.05*7,000 = $9,850, which gives them a utility of 99.247.
Now, their expected wealth is = 0.95*20,000 + 0.05*17,000 = $19,850, giving them an expected utility of 140.89.
Since their expected utility has increased they will be willing to pay more, with the bequests.

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