Accounting-AW-Q350 Online Services   Please answer questions 1-3; question 4 is a bonus question   1) NEGATIVE BASIS TRADE (6 POINTS) A) Describe a “negative basis trade” in 1 paragraph   Given the following information   i) Marriott hotel bond 5 year maturity; priced at par; yield (and coupon) 7%; $100mio available to be purcha...
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Accounting-AW-Q348 Online Services   Principles of Accounting I   For this exam, omit all general journal entry explanations. Ensure to include correct dollar signs, commas, underlines & double underlines where required. Question 1: 40% points: Flip Company's December 31, 2014 trial balance is as follows: Flip Corporation Trial Balance December 31, ...
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Accounting-AW-Q314 Online Services   Final Project Instructions   Your company is a sole proprietorship that sells various specialty parts to other companies. As the company's chief accounting officer, your assignment is to finish the year-end closing and prepare financial statements for the year.   Assignments   1. Using these instructions, and t...
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Accounting-AW-Q307 Online Services   Companies     Exercise 1   Jade Tower Ltd (JTL) imports and distributes Chinese medicinal ingredients. It is not a qualifying company and has a 31 March balance date. For the 2012 income tax year, (i.e. year ended 31 March 2012) the company had a closing credit balance for its imputation credit account o...
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Accounting-AW-Q305 Online Services   Getting Started Set up your General Ledger (using the Chart of Accounts provided) and subsidiary ledgers (A/R and A/P) as indicated. Then, complete the following components of a service-business accounting cycle simulation   Completing the Accounting Cycle   Walk through the following project expectations, and ...
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Accounting-AW-Q299 Online Services   I. Introduction   This practice set will allow intermediate accounting students an opportunity to prepare a manual set of accounting records, including financial statements, for a company.   The process of submitting the practice set for grading purposes will be broken down into two phases – Phase I and II. Th...
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Accounting-AW-Q278 Online Services   Module 6 DB Question 1 COLLAPSE   1. Which of the following is not an example of a type of defalcation?   a. A warehouse employee takes home two units of electronic entertainment inventory each week without authorization. b. The president of the company utilizes the organization's cash to add a floor to her 15,...
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Accounting-AW-Q281 Online Services   Analysis and Audit Plan   Detailed Instructions   1. Form a group and discuss how you will organize (assign responsibilities) to complete this project in a suitable format. 2. Obtain a copy of a recent annual report of a publicly held company with stock actively traded on the New York, NASDAQ or other over-...
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Accounting-AW-Q238 Online Services   P1-1 Income statement, retained earnings statement, and balance sheet   INSTRUCTIONS   1) Prepare an income statement for the current year ended April 30, 20Y6 2) Prepare a retained earnings statement for the current year ended April 30, 20Y6 3) Prepare a balance sheet as of April 30, 20Y6   The a...
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Accounting-AW-Q213 Online Services   Multiple choice questions 1 pt. each   1. Which of the following is the primary purpose of accounting?   A. To establish a business.
B. To identify, record, and communicate business transactions.
C. To earn a large profit.
D. To reduce taxes owed for the business.
E. To establish credit for a company.   ...
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