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Chemical Kinetics Assignment Help
Chemical Kinetics Assignment Help

Looking for best chemical kinetics assignment help, you are at correct place. Thermodynamics study in a chemical reaction only explains about feasibility of a chemical reaction, however a feasible chemical reaction may take place instantly or may take a lot of time I.e. in years for example ionic reactions takes place instantly while conversion from graphite to diamond takes years.These both reactions are thermodynamically feasible but the rate which of changing of reactants to products is quite different these topics I.e. about rate of reaction is studied under chemical kinetics. There are many terms and complex equations related to this topic hence a good chemical kinetics assignment help is required by student and we are here to fulfill it.

Study in chemical kinetics is related mainly to following topics:

– Average and instantaneous rate of reaction
– Expressing rate of reaction in terms of change in concentration of reactants and products
– Distinguishing between elementary and complex reaction.
– Studying and differentiating between order and molecularity of a chemical reaction
– Studying rate constants and rate equations for different ordered reactions
– Collision theory to explain rate of reaction.

Rate of reaction-

It is defined as decrease in concentration of reactants or increase in concentration of products per unit time. It can be described as instant rate or as average by taking a time interval. Factors such as catalyst, temperature affects the rate of reaction. Mathematical representation of reaction rate is given by rate law.

Order of reaction-

Order of a chemical reaction with respect to reactant is power of its concentration which appears in rate law equation. For different reactants it is sum of all powers of all reactants.

Rate constant-

It is proportionality factor in rate law and can be determined from rate equation.
Rate constant is different for different temperature and this can be explained from Arrhenius equation (k=Ae^(-E/RT)) where E is activation energy, and is given by energy difference between activated complex and that of reactant molecule. ‘A’ is Arrhenius factor or pre-exponential factor and corresponds to collision frequency. The equation clearly shows how rate constant is dependent on temperature. Using a catalyst decrease or increase activation energy depends upon type of catalyst used.

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