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Students going through commerce and finance courses are very much used to analytical situations and hence their teachers try to improvise them by continuously providing them with analytical assignments. Such assignments are good too but it becomes a burden after the load is increased and the students find it difficult to balance themselves in between educative and personal life. We provide a helping hand by delivering Classification of Ratios Assignment Help. Given below in this article, our writer’s team describes the ratio analysis classification in details for the students to understand.

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Classification of ratios


Financial statements are the data sheets which contain all the monetary expenses of a firm and help the management to take financial decisions. Ratio analysis is one of the methods where the analysts compare and contrasts various ratios responsible for interpreting the data. Our dynamic team delivering Classification of Ratios Assignment Help has collected data and classified such ratios as provided below.

1. Structural group: the following ratios come under structural group.
a. Funded debt to total capitalization ratio which is calculated by dividing funded debt to total capitalization which can be described in percentages.
b. Debt to equity ratio where all the long term and short term credits are added with total debt to equity and compared with current liabilities and reserves and surplus.
c. Net fixed assets to funded debts ratio which acts as a measure to find out securities for lenders.
d. Funded debt to net working capital ratio which is calculated by dividing funded debt by the amount of net working capital.

2. Liquidity group: the following ratios come under liquidity group.
a. Current ratio: it is achieved by division of current asset with current liabilities. This is based on short term solvency and an attempt to complete the claims of short term creditors by the assets that are likely to be changed into cash.
b. Acid test ratio which is also termed as quick ratio. Cash marketable expenses are divided by current liabilities in order to calculate this ratio.

3. Profitability group: the following ratios come under profitability group.
a. Operating ratio where operating expenses (cost of goods sold plus administrative expenses) are divided with net expenses.
b. Operating profit to sales ratio
c. Net profit to sales ratio
d. Returns on investment ratio that is the division of net profits after preference dividend to net worth of the firm.

4. Turnover group: the following ratios come under turnover group.
a. Assets turnover which is also known as capital turnover ratio where analysts take net sales of the firm and divide it with net fixed assets plus current assets.
b. Net working ratio where net sales are divided with net working capitals.
c. Receivable turnover where sundry debts are divided with net sales.
d. Inventory turnover ratio.

5. Miscellaneous group: the remaining ratios are as follows.
a. Earning price ratio
b. Price earnings ratio
c. Dividend-yield ratio
d. Payout ratio

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