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While we were working with our panel for providing online help over financial statements, we came through various methods of analyzing financial statements. And we came to know that there are many similarities and dissimilarities among them that make them confusing for a student to understand who is new to studies. Comparative statement is one of the methods for the above statement. Resultant we formed a team to deliver Comparative Statements Assignment Help to students whose main aim would be solely to concentrate over this particular financial statement analysis method.

What is comparative statements method for financial statements analysis?


The financial position of a firm at various points of time is calculated by comparative statements method. To attain such idea of financial position for two or more periods, the elements of financial position are shown in a comparative format. Basically, there are two financial statements that are prepared in comparative form, as per our Comparative Statements Assignment Help experts, for financial analysis purpose.
i. Balance sheet
ii. Income statements

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Reasons to opt Comparative Statements Assignment Help

Our services for writing assignments are so lucid that the students would be able to highlight the following crucial factors very easily.
i. Absolute monetary figures, in rupees.
ii. The variations in absolute figures.
iii. Data and results in terms of percentages
iv. Variation in terms of percentages (increase or decrease)
After getting our Comparative Statements Assignment Help, the analyst would be able to mark peculiar and expressing conclusions, when the figures are given in comparative terms.

Types of comparative statements

Widely comparative statements methodology is divided in two types
1. Comparative balance sheets: similar items or group or items present in the form of data in two or more balance sheets of similar firm but on different time periods are studies in this type. The conduct of business for enterprise is reflected by the changes in periodic balance sheets. The balance sheets are observed at the starting and end of the time period and hence a conclusion about the progress of an enterprise. The analyzer should follow the following aspects while doing this study:
a. He/she should be known to the current financial position and liquidity position of enterprise by seeing the work capital for both the years. This can be found out by the excess of current assets over the current liabilities.
b. Long term financial position should also be known by studying the changes in fixed assets, long term liabilities and capital of the company. An increase in fixed asset is to be corroborated with the raise in long term debts and capitals.
c. Profitability of the concern must be the goal for the analyzer.
2. Comparative income statements: income statements are the providers of operations for the business. Income statements provide an insight about the poised growth of the firm time to time. Profitability of the business can be found out by determining the changes in financial data percentages and monetary value. After taking Comparative Statements Assignment Help an analyzer can develop attributes for interpreting income statements via following steps:
a. The rise and falls in sales should be corroborated with the rise and fall of the costs of items sold. An elevated sales does not always refer to elevated profit percentages. Profit will rise only if the rise in sales is ultimately higher than the rise in costs of items sold.
b. Study of operational profit should be the next step. The gross profit should be calculated after deducting office expenses and distribution expenses.
c. The variation in net profit will provide an insight about the profitability of the concern. The operating profits are lowered by interests paid, deficiencies from asset sales, etc. these are also called as non operating expenses.

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