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We all like to keep our personal information to ourselves but still we find many interfering into our personal space. Nobody likes it and hence everyone wants to have a personal space where they can keep their information and data secured. Computers play an important role in security of data. Although network security is a complicated area it is advised to be operated by skilled and experienced experts. However as more number of user appear for network usage, the operators to deal with security also increases and hence there are many courses on network security that make a student efficient enough to choose this as a career alternative. We contribute to this by delivering Computer Network Security Assignment Help to students who find it difficult to deal with the extracurricular of their subjects.

What is network security?

Any activity by the means of hardware and software technology meant to protect the integrity of a data comes under network security. Generating a set of protocols to prevent any unauthorized access to a computer network by securing a computer networking infrastructure is the work of network security. Our Computer Network Security Assignment Help experts are experienced in the field of securing data and information and hence can contribute to the idea of making a feasible assignment over any topic related to this field. There are many types of attacks a network can face for the corruption of data.

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They are categorized as

1. Passive attacks: whenever a data is traveling through the network, it is intercepted by some unknown malicious source to create passive attacks. A few examples of passive attacks can be:
a. Wiretapping or taping phone calls
b. Port scanner
c. Idle scan
d. Data encryption
e. Traffic analysis
2. Active attacks: a command is provided to disrupt the network’s usual operation and finds access to the assets of the holder in a system. Such active attacks can be:
a. Viruses Trojans and malware
b. Eavesdropping
c. Data modification or manipulation

Types of network security

There are some selective types of network security procedures that can be followed in order to maintain harmony among the user and data. They are:
1. Access control: you do not require access to your personal system for anyone but you. Each user and each device should be recognized mandatorily to keep away potential intruders. Blocking non compliant end point devices can be a measure by providing only limited access to others. This process is termed as Network Access Control (NAC).
2. Antivirus and antimalware software: malware is a terminology used for malicious software. It includes viruses, Trojans, Ransomware etc. that can hamper the system and can make it difficult to debug. After infecting a network a malware can stay dormant for even weeks so continuous tracking of files afterwards to identify anomalies is also one of the most important aspects of a malware.
3. Application security: big businesses require specific applications over which their whole processing of accounting and inventory etc. runs. These applications may carry loopholes in them that can be a way for intruders to attack. Hence either IT people of that company or third parties create network security for them called as application security.
4. Behavioral analytics: any activity of the system that is unusual from the regular and normal activity is judged by the analyzers to block or prevent it.
5. Firewalls: our experts in Computer Network Security Assignment Help tell that firewalls are the means to put a barrier trusted internal network and un trusted outer networks. A set of protocols to allow or block traffic by the means of hardware or software or both is developed and a firewall is created.
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