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Correlation is a statistical method that shows the degree and type of relationship between any two or more variable and the extent to which they change together. There are three types of correlation. Positive Correlation shows the extent to which two or more variables increase or decrease when they are parallel. When high values of one variable are linked with high values of other variables positive correlation exists. Increase or decrease of those variables is indicated by Negative Correlation and it exists when low values of one variable are linked with high values of other variables. Correlation is best described by Correlation Assignment Help.

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The final result of correlation is termed as correlation coefficient (denoted by r) and ranges from +1.0 to -1.0. High-degree of positive correlation is indicated if the values are close to +1. High-degree of negative correlation is indicated if the values are close to -1. Poor correlation is indicated if the values are close to 0 and no correlation if the value is 0.

The different types of correlation: –

• Positive Correlation: – It is defined as a correlation in the same direction.
• Negative Correlation: – It is defined as a correlation in the opposite direction.
• Partial direction: – A correlation is said to be partial when the relationship between two variables is studied keeping all other variables constant.
• Linear Correlation: – when the change in one variable result in the constant change in the other variable such type of correlation is said to be a linear correlation. In this type, the points plotted will be a straight line.
• Zero Order Correlation: – It is one of the most common methods for examining the relationship between variables. Its value ranges from +1 to -1.
• Scatter Plot Correlation: – It is a type of mathematical diagram which uses Cartesian coordinates to display values for two variables in a given set of data. These plots will show a relationship between two sets of data. The data plotted on the graph is usually a straight line rising from left to right. The slope of the line is positive and hence there is a positive correlation.
• Spearman’s Correlation: – It allows us to know easily the strength of correlation within data sets of two variables and also checks whether the correlation is positive or negative. The facts can be studied from Correlation Assignment Help.
• Non Linear Correlation: – A correlation is said to be non linear when the ratio of amount of change in one variable to the change in other variable is not constant. It is also known as curvilinear correlation.
• Simple Correlation: – A correlation is said to be simple when there are only two variable under study.

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