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In probability and statistics covariance is the calculation of the degree on which returns on two risky items move one after other. There are two types of covariance, one is positive and other is negative. The Covariance in which returns on the risky assets move together is called positive covariance where as the Covariance in which the returns on the risky assets move opposite direction is called negative Covariance. It is also the measure of degree of two random variables. The process of calculating Covariance is by analyzing the returns on the assets or by multiplying the correlation between two random variables. There is certain distinction which should be made between two random variables such as population parameter. There are two different definitions of Covariance in Mathematics and Statistical terms. In Mathematical words it is the property which retains its form even after the two values of variables are transformed. In Statistical way it is the mean value of the end result after the deviation of variables. In Simple Words Covariance is the property which states how changes in one variable affect the other variable. This property is also used in comparison of two variables. More detailed study with graphical and better materials can be availed at Covariance Assignment Help Online.


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Difference between Covariance and Correlation


Correlation is the scaled version of covariance. Covariance indicates the relationship between two variables. The formula to calculate the value of Covariance includes two variables one would be independent and another would be a dependent one. It also includes the mean value of independent and dependent variable. Correlation is advanced way of determining the relation between variables. It not only calculates the direction of their relation but also the extent to which they bend towards or away from each other. There are differences in the ideology of covariance and correlation. Covariance uses different units of measurements for different variables which enable it to know the positive or negative value but not the extent of the degree of value. Correlation enables to measure the degree of movement in variables. The measurement or value of correlation is called correlation coefficient. The Differences between these two concepts can be learnt and studied deeply from Covariance Assignment Help Online.




The values interpreted from the calculations speak a lot about the strength of the relationship between variables. If the value is larger it means the strength between variables is quite high. The strength also depends on the scales, as values vary on different scales, for one scale a value might be higher where as for one it may be lower.

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