Customer Relationship Management Assignment Help Examples

Customer Relationship Management Assignment Help Examples

Looking for Relationship management assignment help examples. You can refer this to get help in your assignments. If you need similar assignment you can submit your requirements here. This assignment is written to look for the best technological option in the form of Customer relationship Management (CRM) to be implemented in all mediums i.e. mobile and Webs providing bookings, managing all customers and backend activities for 13 Cabs which in turn can enhance their sales and create a digital trust with their customers. In this report we will suggest a complete Customer relationship management integration supporting web as well as its app services. The analysis for suggested technology will be provided using detailed cost benefit analysis, organizational structure and digital trust. This is done to retain their customers and enhance their sales.

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Companies these days are looking to venture into new area and market which at times weaken their solid existing market due to trying new ways of conducting businesses. The most important factor behind changing the way of conducting business or diversion is the continuous evolution of technology. The constant change in the technology drives or sometimes forces a business to seek change (Creighton,2000).

As in our earlier journal we provided some valuable inputs for the 13 Cabs which helped them to grow in a defiant manner but later on due to the lack of some conceivable thoughts the sales went down which has caused company to seek for some better solutions which will help them in creating a digital trust for them in the market place. There are several business solutions on the line of technology which can help a business to grow and sustain for longer time (Creighton,2000).

These business technologies are full proof and are time tested. The lack of customers which causes a windfall in sales is one of the major reasons the company has cited for its downfall. In last assignment we recommended complete computerisation the job and distribution management, internet application based taxi booking service, mobile applications and digital way of payment and POS in all vehicles. (Creighton,2000).

Detailed Analysis Proposed Technology




Technology is evolving with every passing day and this change is constant and in order to withstand these changes, companies must opt for newer technology which suits them perfectly. One cannot defy the change as this can hamper the growth.

Customer relationship management (CRM) has evolved over the years as one of the most significant business technology in order to maintain a long term and sustainable relationship with the existing customers. Customers are undoubtedly the most important element for 13 Cabs and they are vital for the growth of a company. And a healthy customer relationship is vital to success for any enterprise. These perspectives regarding customers have given rise to the use of customer relationship management systems in the recent years. 13 Cabs must look out for a knowledge based technology which can optimise their growth and can manage their semi structured problems as per suggestion chalked out in first assignment(Creighton,2000).

What is Customer relationship management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the amalgamation of information systems, technology and organizational strategy which focuses on providing best of service to customers. CRM uses newer technologies which are emerging with the evolution of technologies and which allows companies to provide effective and fast service to the customers by creating a healthy relationship with every customer through the efficient use of consumer database from information systems. Hence customer relationship management (CRM) can be easily defined as a well structured and strategic approach which enables a company to utilize internal resources to govern the relationship with their customers for their entire life cycles so that they can develop a competitive edge and improve company’s performances (Richard,2005).

 Adoption and integration Strategy for 13 Cabs


Customer relationship management systems will be implemented in six stages as given below:

  1. Analysing and exploring
  2. Building business case
  3. Visioning
  4. Planning and designing
  5. Realizing value
  6. Implementing and integrating

The main objective of CRM systems is to automate and integrate marketing, sales and customer support. The CRM system provides a dashboard where companies can keep a tab on all the three functions on a single page for each and every customer book vehicles and also provide mobile app options to book any cabs. CRM is one multilayered system where in implementation of each and every level is critical to the success of the technology. One must understand all the related areas of CRM in order to successfully adopt the system(Ruth,2008).

Integration using Operational CRM for 13 cabs


Operational CRM generally supports front office procedures and processes and also help in doing backend operation. It is comprised of three vital elements.

  1. Automation of sales force
  2. Automation of marketing
  3. Automation of service

Automation of sales force is essential in order to successfully adopt CRM. Sales force automation is vital for all the stages of a sales cycle right from the very start when a prospective client book a cab through mobile or webs service. Sales force automation will allow the team to have access to all the valuable information regarding a customer through their digital support systems. They can use this information to turn a prospective customer into an actual client (Silverman,2000).

Marketing automation enables the entire marketing strategy and team to be more effective and efficient. It defines and shows how much a customer is engaged with the business. Effective CRM tools automate marketing strategy through performing repeated tasks such as sending mails continuously to a lead on specified time till he become a full customer (Silverman,2000).

Service automation is the most vital cog in the process of CRM adoption. It focuses on providing direct service to customer. Customers can have access to service through various channels which will ease the process of acquiring service from the company (Silverman,2000).

Detailed cost benefit analysis

CRM is effective when it is implemented with right principles and infrastructure. All the required procedure must be followed in integrating CRM with the existing systems. It must begin with clear cut and quick and most importantly profitable hits which will help companies to be assured of initial success and hence forth a long term and sustainable success. The success rate of CRM is directly related to the reduced size of the project scope, its complexity and customization of the business application and integration process (Reckham,2009).

13 Cabs must hire highly skilled engineers which will help them in implementing the customer relationship management systems in to the existing infrastructure. They must have the required tools to capture the system processes. Companies must have the entire required infrastructure to put CRM in place as it requires high sensitive systems to operate. Employee must be trained in order to manage the systems effectively. They must possess technical knowledge regarding the use of the new technology(Reckham,2009).

CRM is basically an expensive solution to implement and integrate however there are several options available to suit the company’s budget. However cost is meagre if we will analyze the benefits it can reap. The main motivation behind selecting CRM is to increase the value of the business and that way CRM is beneficial in the context of the cost involved for its integration (Sharma et al.,2000).

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure using Collaborative CRM for 13 cabs


The organizational structure aim is to incorporate and integrate all the stakeholders in order to share the collected information on customers across them. Feedbacks which are collected from customers will be distributed to all the stake holders which in turn will understand the behaviour of the customers and it will provide a direction for the company to market their products and services accordingly. Customer relationship management hence can be referred to as a management approach where customer is prioritised and all the tools of CRM helps to increase consumer profitability and their retention for 13 Cabs. In this Operation team will report to Marketing Head and It team responsible for implementing and executing CRM will report to It Head.

Automation of all the main components of a sales cycle is vital in this structure as it will enhance the implementation process. A systematic approach to customer relationship management helps companies to effectively coordinate its strategy to maintain healthy growth rate and customer retention. This systematic approach will keep a CRM at the core of the company which will then have a consumer oriented business processes and the integration of the customer relationship management systems (Sims,2007).

Digital Trust provided by Analytical CRM for 13 Cabs

The main role of digital trust using analytical CRM is to collect and analyze the customer information and data which was collected through various sources and present them to business managers where they can make some informed decisions regarding the customers. Data mining, pattern tracking and co relation are some of the basic techniques used in analytical CRM. This is very effective and vital for efficient customer service (Silverman,2000).



We will recommend 13 Cabs to adopt and integrate customer relationship management processes to retain their customers and enhance their sales. It will also help in integration of all Cab booking process. Company can opt for ‘Relavis’ as it is cost efficient and is integrated with newest technology provided by one leading software giant. Integrating CRM into its structure will help the company to understand the behaviours and patterns of their customers through a detailed analysis provided by the CRM tools (Grönroos,2004). In the later stage company can customize the process and switch to e CRM through the CRM processes. It will increase knowledge management capabilities of the company along with a mindset to share data.



Over the years customer retention is one major problem which every organization faces in order to maintain its competitive edge. However with integration of new age technology such as CRM or ERP can help them in gaining that competitive advantage in the market place. In this journal we have reviewed the suggested total technology integration of CRM systems with all booking process. 13 Cab must adopt and integrate CRM processes as it will be beneficial for them in terms of retaining their customer base through a detailed analysis of their customer’s behaviours and patterns.





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