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It is a process of systematically examining, evaluating and verifying the collection of data on a note of getting useful information from the pile of data collected. This Collected data helps in decision making as well as giving required suggestions. There is a lot of data analysis techniques based on the requirement, efficiency as well as cost structure. The Collected Information has lot of advantages over raw data; it can lead to various ideas and procedures. Data Analysis Assignment Help provides us brief idea about Data Analysis and the process involved with it.

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Process of Data Analysis by Data Analysis Assignment Help

In simple words the process of data analysis is done by collecting data, converting it into information and using that information for required project. Data Analysis Assignment Help explains the process below:-

Phases of Data Analysis

•Required Data: -The Collection of data is done as per the requirement of the product,. It is also referred as raw data; these can be numerical as well alphabetical. It can be collection of statistics or paragraphs containing group of ballad.
•Source of Data: -Data is collected through a lot of different sources such as Online Documents, Statistics collected from the environment, public debates, messages passed.
• Data Processing:- Collected Data must be forwarded for the analysis and kept in hierarchical order for faster data interpretation. Data is stored in rows and columns.
•Clearing of Data: -After Processing, data may contain bugs as well errors and can also contain multiple copies of similar kind. Cleaning of data ensures removal of inaccurate data, duplication as well grammar errors. Different methods have been used to get rid of incorrectly entered data.

Once the data is cleaned it is analyzed through a variety of techniques to produce the required product.

Qualitative Data

• Here Data is Observed
• Description is mentioned.
• Importance is given to Quality
• Examples are Color, Smell etc.

Quantitative Data

• Data is measured
• Numbers are mentioned.
• Importance is given to Quality.
• Examples are volume, weight etc.


• Helps in Decision Making.
• Provides to stick with competitors.
• Awareness of things due statically updates.
• Performance generated.


• Lack of Quality Content leads to poor product.
• The Process of data analysis is tidy and expensive, It requires a lot of capital and resources
• Sometimes the cleaned data is not accurate leading to falsify product.
• Environment issues also do not help the cause.
• Collecting raw data can be utmost challenging at times as it do not meet with the standard set by the client for the product.

Detailed Analysis is provided by Data Analysis Assignment Help.

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