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Financial statements goal is to deliver information to decision makers of the firm about the business enterprise based on the monetary expenses. It also provides financial data which needs to be analyzed, compared and interpreted for taking decisions by external as well as internal users of accounting information. Our online services for Detailed Analysis or Different Accounting Ratio Assignment Help are an initiative to provide as much knowledge as possible for the students over this topic. With this our team clarifies the fundamentals and various classifications of accounting ratios.

Different accounting ratio’s detailed analysis from our Detailed Analysis or Different Accounting Ratio Assignment Help team


  • Ultimately there are two ways of widely classifying analysis ratios.

1. Traditional classification
2. Functional classification


  • Our dynamic team prepared for Detailed Analysis or Different Accounting Ratio Assignment Help has compiled the following ratios based on traditional classifications.

A) Statement of profit or loss ratio: the ratio calculated by taking two variables from the profit or loss statement is known as profit or loss ratio. The ratio of gross profit or gross loss to the revenue from operations can come under this classification.
B) Balance sheet ratio: in this case both the variables are supposed to be taken from the balance sheet itself. For example the calculation of current assets to current liabilities provides a ratio called current ratio.
C) Composite ratio: it is a mixture of both statement of profit or loss and balance sheet. Each of the two variables is taken from each section to calculate a composite ratio.
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  • An another type of classification is traditional classification that holds certain financial ratios under its command. They are as follows

A) Liquidity ratios: liquid funds are not rigid and saved. They are supposed to flow continuously for the betterment of the firm. The due amount to be paid to the stakeholders on time is known as liquidity. These short term ratios are calculated and shown as liquidity ratios.
B) Solvency ratio: there are certain external stakeholders who have contractual obligations with the firm. The ability to pay such obligations and the ratio calculated is called as solvency ratio. These are long term ratios.
C) Activity ratios: after effectively utilizing the resources the efficiency of operations carried out in a firm is calculated by finding out this ratio. That’s why it is also called as efficiency ratio.
D) Profitability ratios: the statements of profit related to revenue from funds or assets used in the business and the ratio calculated after that to meet its objectives is called as profitability ratios.

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