Discount and Hawkins Exercise: Confidential Instructions for Landlord Case Study Solution


The “Discount and Hawkins Exercise: Confidential Instructions for Landlord” by Michael A. Wheeler, as explored by Kelly Whitehead and Steven Campbell, presents a complex negotiation scenario. The case revolves around the strategic decisions of a landlord facing challenges with a tenant, demanding a nuanced approach to find a mutually beneficial resolution. This analysis aims to dissect the key issues, analyze available options, and offer recommendations for a successful negotiation outcome.

Case Issue

The primary issue in this case is the negotiation between the landlord (Discount) and the tenant (Hawkins). The landlord seeks a solution that ensures continued financial stability and tenant satisfaction. Simultaneously, the tenant desires favorable leasing terms that align with their business goals. Balancing these interests while maintaining a positive long-term relationship poses a significant challenge.

Case Analysis

Understanding Tenant Needs
A crucial step in negotiation is empathetic understanding. Discount must comprehend Hawkins’ business needs, growth projections, and financial constraints. By appreciating these factors, Discount can tailor leasing terms that accommodate Hawkins’ requirements, fostering a cooperative negotiation environment.

Financial Implications and Flexibility
Discount needs to assess the financial implications of the negotiation. While maximizing profits is vital, offering flexible terms, such as phased rent increases tied to Hawkins’ revenue growth, can be a strategic move. This approach demonstrates Discount’s willingness to support Hawkins’ success, fostering goodwill and potential long-term collaboration.

Creative Solutions and Value-Added Services
Discount can differentiate its offer by including value-added services, such as maintenance, security, or even business networking opportunities within the property. These additional benefits enhance Hawkins’ leasing experience, providing tangible value beyond the standard lease agreement and making Discount’s proposition more attractive.


In conclusion, the Discount and Hawkins negotiation exercise requires a delicate balance between financial prudence and tenant satisfaction. By understanding Hawkins’ needs, offering flexible terms, and incorporating value-added services, Discount can foster a positive negotiation environment, leading to a mutually beneficial agreement.

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In-Depth Needs Analysis
Conduct a thorough analysis of Hawkins’ business requirements, growth projections, and financial constraints. Understanding these factors will enable Discount to tailor the leasing terms specifically to Hawkins’ needs, fostering a sense of partnership.

Flexible Financial Terms
Offer flexible financial terms, such as a phased rent increase linked to Hawkins’ revenue growth. This approach demonstrates Discount’s support for Hawkins’ success and exhibits a willingness to collaborate. Flexibility in lease payments can ease Hawkins’ immediate financial burden while ensuring a stable revenue stream for Discount.

Value-Added Services
Introduce value-added services that enhance Hawkins’ leasing experience. These services could include maintenance, security, business support services, or networking events within the property. By providing these additional benefits, Discount adds tangible value to the leasing agreement, making it more attractive to Hawkins.

Long-Term Relationship Focus
Emphasize the importance of a long-term relationship. Express Discount’s interest in Hawkins’ success and growth. Building a strong, trust-based relationship can lead to continued collaboration, referrals, and positive word-of-mouth, enhancing Discount’s reputation in the market.

Clear Communication and Transparency
Maintain open and transparent communication throughout the negotiation process. Clearly explain the terms, benefits, and any concessions offered. Transparent communication builds trust and ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of the agreement, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings in the future.

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