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An essay is a piece of writing which provides arguments and builds articles. It is proposed composition with the fixed subject of discussion. The Genre of an essay can be variable and is quite difficult to grasp. It is a Composition about a particular theme or subject usually in paragraphs; it can be interpretative, speculative as well as analytic.


An essay has a lot of forms such as Formal Essay’s consisting of topics ranging from official works to national issues; Informal Essay’s consisting of topics about an individual or own interests. There are also picture essays which graphically describe the image. It was derived from French word “Assayer” which later turned into an essay. In short, it is a short piece of writing by an individual on a particular topic stating his own views.
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Types of English Essay Described by English Essay Writing Help:-

• Comparative: –This type of essay consists of comparison points, analogies as well as the motive of comparison. These are usually divided into sequential points. The points cover both the similarity as well as the difference between the subjects widely defined in the points.
• Descriptive: – Lyrical Essay is an example of Descriptive Essay Writing. It directly appeals to a reader’s physical, emotional and mental capabilities. The way of writing here is changed a bit due to the approach towards the subject and presenting it to the audience in a particular manner.
• Narrative: –It is a story which is connected and has lots of connected events may be real or imaginary. The way in which the story is unfolded by a character or a group of characters called narrator is the basic emphasis on the subject. It is usually arranged chronologically.
• Argumentative: – This requires the writer of the essay to be well aware of the facts and the scene of the subject. The whole point of writing is too narrow down the context to a single point. The Implication can be lead towards a positive as well as negative impact. One thing should be kept in mind that there should be sufficient evidence to prove the argument.
• Reflective: – The writer presents an analytical piece of writing which may be real or fiction but has an impact on writer’s life. This impact could be an event or a scene or a memory.
• Persuasive: – It normally means convincing essay. It requires the reader’s to accept the point of view of the writer based on the facts and seen the writer states.
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