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The concern for the earth’s degrading atmosphere and resources has been growing exponentially. To bring back the former glory, it is necessary that the best of brains explore ways of sustainable growth and preservation of the limited resources. Capstone projects related to energy and environment shall help to protect earth by practical approaches to prevalent problems of pollution, global warming and related issues. The students perusing the courses under energy and environment can grow their concepts and hone skills regarding the projects. The concepts under capstone projects are multi dimensional and multidisciplinary too. Many branches of science at times merge to reproduce a single idea. Following are a few ideas that have been the benchmark for research and studies in the recent years. The concepts under environment and energy are many and multilayered. Environment and Energy Capstone Project Assignment Help shall systematically lay out the basics for proper understanding.

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Ideas and importance

1. Sustainable alternatives to industrial agriculture: The global food structures have largely been dependent on agriculture which is industry based. This is unsustainable. The idea of this project is to increase scope of sustainable farming ways that shall decrease environmental degradation and threat to human health. It also increases soil health. One such way is organic farming and hydroponic. While the former uses bio degradable manures, the latter doesn’t use soil. For further information, refer Environment and Energy Capstone Project Assignment Help.
2. Renewable energy resources: The increased demand for electricity has made the switch to develop renewable sources of energy. This includes photo voltaic cell and related improvements, hydropower utilization, wind and tidal power generation among a lot others. The process can be further learnt from Environment and Energy Capstone project assignment help.
3. Waste disposal: This idea is to manage the wastes in a better manner to provide sustainable environment. It speaks of bioreactor landfills. This shall minimize the amount of landfill gas formation. Rapidly decompose the wastage and simultaneously create space recovery. This shall also avoid offsite leachate treatment. For detailed insights on environment related capstone project, go through Environment and Energy Capstone Project Assignment Help.
4. Low voltage DC bus micro grid: This project aims at management of power and energy which lies between a small voltage ranges. The uses can be extended to cottages, boats etc. A lot of other projects revolve around power management at homes and also in larger scale. Most innovative and helpful project is that of sunny backup which is designed to store and use the solar energy which can then be used at the time of need. This is achieved with the help of photo cells and solar panels.

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