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Question 1.

A. Personal Essay Topics
Write a personal narrative essay. Be sure to focus on a single, well defined incident with an explicit beginning, middle, and end from which you learned something about yourself, another person, or life itself. “My life with my alcoholic father,” for example, is too big a subject for a short narrative essay, but “The time my father hit rock bottom” is very likely to be sufficiently limited. Good subjects for personal narrative essays include the following: a move, a birth (if it’s exceptional in some way) or death, a birthday or an anniversary, the loss of a prized possession, a moment of triumph or defeat. Your thesis should make a point about what this experience taught you. You may state this thesis explicitly or you may prefer to imply it.

2. Write a personal descriptive essay about a person, place, or thing. Be sure to establish a clear dominant impression that conveys the point you want to make about your subject. All the details in your description should fit with this dominant impression. Try to include a broad range of sensory impressions: not just how your subject looks but also how it sounds, feels, smells, moves.

It’s often easier to establish this dominant impression through contrast: the changes in a place or a person or the difference between what you thought something would be and what it actually was. (Locate the essay “Two Ways of Viewing the River” by Mark Twain for a good example.) It’s also often easier to write an effective description of a person by describing a room or a location that you associate with him or her. (See if you can locate the short story “The Boat” by Alistair MacLeod for a good example.) You will probably include some narration in a descriptive essay and some description

B.Expository Essay Topics

Comparison/Contrast Choices

1. Compare OR contrast two professional athletes.

2. Contrast two vampires.

3. Contrast two hosts of late-night talk shows.

4. Contrast one decade to another decade.

Division-Classification Choices

1. Discuss types of television comedies.

2. Discuss types of sports fans.

3. Discuss types of people waiting in line.

4. Discuss types of drivers.

Directional Process Choices

1. Discuss how to treat a medical condition such as, for example, addiction to painkillers, arthritis, respiratory or digestive disease, or multiple sclerosis. NOTE: If you choose this topic, assume a general adult population of readers. DO NOT make this a medical paper. DO NOT use technical language. Credit the sources of any medical information that is not common knowledge. Your tutor will return your essay for revision if these criteria are not met.

2. Discuss how to buy a condo, a car, a computer, etc.

3. Discuss how to travel to faraway places.

4. Discuss how to improve your skills in a specific sport.

Question 2.

Choose one topic from the list below and write an essay of approximately 1000 to 1200 words (about four double-spaced typed pages). Expect that if your essay goes over the length requirement, your essay could be returned to you for revision.

2. Begin your research. You might start with a general Google search and then a Google Scholar search, but you will also need to visit the AU library databases to find sound academic articles.

3. Find two to four reputable secondary sources and review them carefully. At least one source should be from a peer-reviewed journal article accessed through the AU library databases.

4. Develop a straightforward thesis that is sufficiently limited in scope (meaning something you can do justice to in a short essay).

5. Create an outline and consider speaking with your tutor to review your thesis and outline. We strongly encourage you to do so.

6. Write your first draft and include all of the following:

a. An introduction that includes an interesting lead-in and an
(a)  Choose Essay Topics

  1. Has hockey in Canada been improved or ruined?
  2.  Are existing policies in Alberta regarding pet ownership fair and reasonable? Choose one policy on which to focus your argument.
  3.  In retrospect, should Wiebo Ludwig be considered a hero or a criminal?
  4.  Do the economic benefits of the Alberta tar sands outweigh the environmental costs?
  5. Should teachers be allowed to give students failing grades, or should schools’ no-fail policies be upheld?
  6.  Should Canadian judges be elected or appointed?
  7. Facebook’s initial public offering was made at $28/share. In early trading, it traded as high as $41 and fell as low as $26. Was the IPO a failure?
  8. Should Canadian health-care workers (such as nurses) be able to refuse to work with certain patients on the basis of “conscience rights”?
  9.  Should Canada’s health care system move towards greater privatization?
  10. In Canada, should a member of a religious group have the right to refuse a blood transfusion on behalf of his or her child?
  11. Should the Canadian government fund safe injection sites for people with drug addiction?
  12. A Canadian prime minister’s annual salary is set by legislation at $315,462. In contrast, the president and CEO of RBC received over $10 million last year. Is the Canadian prime minister adequately paid?
  13.  Was the Occupy movement an effective means of protest?
  14. The Government of Alberta is currently suing cigarette makers to recoup public health costs related to problems associated with smoking. Should cigarette companies be required to compensate provincial governments for health care costs associated with treating smokers’ diseases?
  15. During the Iraq War, only “embedded” journalists were permitted to cover news from the war zone. Does being embedded compromise a journalist’s objectivity, credibility, and integrity?
  16. Is the dominance of Internet news over print news leading to the death of journalism or the revival of journalism?
  17. Should Aboriginal communities move toward more or less self-government?
  18. Is the restorative justice approach more or less effective than Canada’s conventional approach to justice?
  19.  Should grade schools accept funding from private or corporate source?
  20. Should Canada, like the U.S., ban the slaughter of horses?
  21.  A Canadian citizen should be able to carry a licensed, concealed handgun if he or she wishes. Discuss.
  22. Do Western nations have an obligation to intervene in other nations’ genocidal wars (Rwanda, for example)?
  23.  Should banks be allowed to engage in proprietary trading (i.e. trading for their own gain or loss, and not simply as a middleman)?
  24. Should the Government of Alberta offer tax credits or other incentives for “health-promoting” behaviours?
  25. Read “Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain,” by Jessica Mitford. Defend or oppose the procedures of embalming and restorative work on the deceased in order to present the corpse for viewing.
  26. Should every able-bodied citizen be required to serve for a certain period of time in some branch of the military service?
  27. Should the government subsidize our Olympic teams?
  28. Should donors or their families be compensated for organ donations?
  29. Recent elections have been characterized by small turnouts of eligible voters. Some democracies—Australia, for example—require their citizens to vote. Should such a policy be adopted in Canada?
  30. Is torture ever acceptable?
  31.  Are nurse practitioners a benefit or a potential liability?
  32. Considering two markedly different approaches to training a dog (or a horse), argue that one is superior to the other.

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Question 3.

(a) .Write a rhetorical analysis essay of approximately 1000 to 1200 words (about four double-spaced typed pages). Expect that if your essay goes over the length requirement, your essay could be returned to you for revision.
Select an essay or article and analyze the rhetorical strategies and appeals employed to persuade readers.

  1. Choose a non-fiction essay (with a sufficiently substantial basis for a meaningful analysis) from the textbook. Please choose an essay you have not worked on before. You should also not choose an essay that has been used in one of the textbook’s sample rhetorical analyses, like Sarah Schmidt’s “College Girl to Call Girl,” or Martin Luther King Jr’s “The Ways of Meeting Oppression.”
  2. Ask your tutor to recommend non-fiction articles (outside of the textbook) that might be appropriate choices for this assignment.
  3. Choose from this list of recently published articles:
  •  “Your E-Book is Reading You” by Alexandra Alter (The Wall Street Journal is accessible through the AU Journal library.)
  • “How to Have a Conversation” by John McDermott
  • “The Death of Honesty” by William Damon
  •  “Daddy issues” by Sandra Tsing Loh (This one is long but worth it.)


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