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Goodman, J. S., Gary, M. S., & Wood, R. (2014). Bibliographic search training for evidence-based management: A review of relevant literatures. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 13(3) 322-353.
1. What is the purpose of the article? Do the authors achieve this purpose; why or why not? How would you state the purpose in terms of a single research question?
2. Why is the content of this article relevant to you as a DM doctoral student?
3. What is the research method followed by the authors? (You can provide direct quotes with page number(s) . . . 5 sentences.) Explain how that method will produce data that creates new knowledge in order to achieve the purpose of the article (i.e., to answer the research question you identified in question #2 above).
4. If you were to use a backward snowball method of search on “bibliographic literature searching” in order to write a robust methods chapter for your dissertation, starting with this article, name one article that you would include. Be sure to write your response in APA style. Use your Manual and double-check.

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5. If you were to use a building blocks method of search on the relationship between telework success and an organization’s leadership style for your dissertation, name three thorough search strings that you would include.
6. On page 328, the authors write, “All participants were academic researchers, with extensive experience using bibliographic search engines in general (x ̅ = 11.8 years, SD = 4.6 years) and PubMed in particular (x ̅ = 8.8 years, SD = 3.5 years).” What do the symbols x ̅ and SD represent, and how do you interpret them in this sentence? What does the SD tell us, very specifically?
7. How did the authors develop the list of 20 primary studies that are summarized in Table 1? How did they end up reviewing, significantly, only 18 of those?
8. Why do the authors move to review (Debowski et al., 2001) and (Wood, Katkebeeke, Debowski, & Frese, 2000) after their primary review?
9. One of the additional studies, Wood et al. (2002) used a “2 by 2 mixed experimental design with enactive exploration as the between-subjects factor and search task as the within-subjects factor” (p. 337). What were the significant results of the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)?
10. Take a moment to reflect on your process in completing this assignment. What is more difficult or less difficult than you expected, given how you construed your abilities in this area before you entered the assignment? How does your difficulty, or lack thereof, on this assignment affect how you feel about entering the program?
If you are admitted to the program, list three concrete steps that you will take to develop your skills in research methodology to an expert level.?

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