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Productivity is a business and organizational term which individuals use to show their organizational progress. It is an economical term or measure of output per unit input. There are different kinds of inputs like labour, capital, material and many more. But output is typically revenues and gross domestic products. For an economy it is very important to increase productivity. The main concept of modern business is to avail the scarce input items they are capital and labour. Students of business take our factors affecting productivity assignment help service to enhance their knowledge in this sector. Productivity of an organization enhances with the help of modern technology like enhancement of use of machines, internet, supply chain and logistic improvements.

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Important factors which affects productivity of a company


There are different methods of improvement of productivity of a company. The main concept of improving and increasing productivity is more to be done in less time. The first and most important aspect of productivity are employees. Company have to empower their employees means individuals who have capability and flexibility to do their job more efficiently boosts productivity. Internet access in organizations helps employees to know more about their work and machinery. Like using internet instant messenger helps employees to communicate with their managers. Managers have to monitor that how much time employees are spending in their task and giving five minute break at every 90 minutes will help them refocuses on their work.

There are some measures and factors which affects the productivity of an organization like

• Good tools and equipments is the first and most important factor which affects productivity more. The higher the capital labour ratio the more the output will come.
• Second factor is natural resources, the more the availability of natural resources to each worker the more the workers will able to transform the natural resource. They will produce more output per unit.
• Another most important factor is human capital, the more talented and flexible the workers, the more they will work and able to transform large amount of output.
• The last but not the least factor which affects organization the most is availability of technology, the more advance the technology the more output will come and it also helps to better the overall functioning of the organization.

These all factors affects in number of ways to organization. These all factors have some advantages along with disadvantages. The most important thing is how managers take these factors and utilise them in better way.

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