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What is Geometry Homework Help?

We walk out of the house every morning and discern spaces and objects. Every object defines itself through its various tangible and intangible properties. Shape and size of the object is one of the most important aspects for its beauty. To understand its spatial use, we need to go through the understanding of its shape and sizes. For example, a round object is always used in an application where the purpose is filled by rolling action (e.g. ball bearings). Geometry is a branch of mathematics that briefs us about the understandings of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.Geometry is considered to be one of the oldest area of Mathematics. Geometry is also one of the most interesting field in Mathematics as it deals with lots of Pictorial explanations.
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Classifications of Geometry as per our Geometry Problem Solver

Geometry is a field that cannot be bound by a single thread. Hence, a few classifications have been done in order to specify each aspect of geometry. They are as follows:
Algebraic Geometry: Algebra collaborates the set of any sensible mathematical expression or equation by threading variables together. When such equations are explored further to make diagrammatic senses out of it, they fall under the category of Algebraic Geometry. E.g. y=6x2+4x-8 is a famous equation for a Cartesian parabola.
Analytic Geometry: In this field of geometry we follow coordinates and Cartesians to manipulate equations for straight lines and curves. Coordinates provides position of planes in 3-Axial dimension(x, y and z). The applications are seen widely in the fields of rocket science or spacelift engineering. Pythagoras theorem is one of the most successful phenomenons in the field of analytic geometry.
Differential Geometry:  If a need arises to study the intersection of more than one geometrical figures (such as surfaces enclosed by curves), the knowledge in differential geometry comes in handy. The complex problems regarding such objects are solved by using the techniques of differential and integral calculus. Mathematicians like Riemann and Finsler has provided many algorithms according to which Einstein gave the theory of relativity to study curvature of space-time for positioning of satellites around the orbit of the earth.
Projective GeometryApart from the geometrical classifications above, this classic style geometry is responsible for the representation of points and lines in 2-dimensional intercept, irrespective of the concept of distance. Unavailability of compass construction techniques tilts this field towards no concept of intermediacy and no angular measurements. “Point at infinity” concept was first derived based on projective geometry studies.
Euclidean Geometry: Converting hypothesis (Axioms in precise terms) to reality by proving them through theorems is a peculiar aspect of Euclidean geometry. E.g construction of a circle depends upon the definition of a point for its centre and a distance for its radius. A figure is drawn schematically to prove this axiom. Number theory is also a vast field of mathematics that has been derived from Euclidean geometry.
It is hence difficult to compromise geometry in these five classifications. So, number of sub classifications like computational geometry, distance geometry, plane geometry etc. have also been derived.
Benefits of studying Geometry:

  1. Development of 3-D skills
  2. Spatial understandings of shapes
  3. Relationships between numbers, equations and drawings.
  4. Conversion of paper representation to reality


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