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The term statistics has been derived from the Latin word ‘status’ or the German word ‘statistik’ or the Italian word ‘statista’ or the French word ‘statistique’ and each of these denote the same meaning i.e., a political state. Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics that deals with the collection, interpretation, analysis, organization and presentation of data. The knowledge of statistics is applied in number of practical and technical fields such as Research, Science, Economics and Business. Students looking for notes and Assignment help on Statistics can refer Help with Statistics Assignment where our experts will assist them with all kinds of Assignment and assignment help.

Concepts in Statistics

Help with Statistics Assignment illustrates various concepts in statistics that would be helpful for the students. Our experts have explained some important concepts in the following points: –

  • Data- Statistics is entirely based on various functions performed on data. Data is referred as the known facts used as basis for reference and for calculation. In short, data are the piece of information that the researcher collects through his/her study. In statistics, the data is divided into three different categories- Numerical data, categorical Data and Ordinal Data. Numerical data is measured using numerical methods and is further sub-divided into – continuous data and discrete data. Categorical data is expressed by descriptive language. Whereas the ordinal data is the combination of both categorical data and numerical data.
  • Variable- In statistics, a variable can be defined as any quantity, number or value that varies form one entity to another. Some common types of variables include discrete variable, continuous variable, categorical variable, independent variable, nominal variable, qualitative variable, ordinal variable, quantitative variable, etc. Discrete variable can only take on a certain number of values whereas continuous variable can take on an infinite number of values. Qualitative variable does not include numerical values whereas quantitative variable is associated with numerical. The different kinds of variables in statistics can be studied in Help with Statistics Assignment.
  • Measurement Scales- The use of measurement scale in statistics is to categorize and quantify variables. The different scale of measurement are- ordinal scale, nominal scale, ratio scale and interval scale. Each scale of measurement must satisfy one or more of the following properties- magnitude, identity, a minimum value of zero and equal intervals.

The importance of statistics in other disciplines explained in Help with Statistics Assignment is given below: –

  • Statistics in Mathematics- Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics and is entirely related and dependent on it. It is considered as an important member of the mathematics family and has led to the development of a new branch i.e., Mathematical statistics. To know more about the advantages and scope of statistics, students can refer Help with Statistics Assignment.
  • Statistics in Economics- Many developed statistical methods has led to the popularity and use of statistics in Economics. Important branches like public finance, consumption, distribution, production and exchange use statistics for functions like interpretation, comparison, etc.



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