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In the business sector there are many accounting standards and different country use different versions of generally accepted accounting principles, it is also named as GAAP. These principles allow organizations to state their financial statements according to the norms of GAAP. Today more and more countries are adopting IFRS as their accounting standards. The adoption of IFRS is being developed and supported by International Accounting Standard Board (IASB).

Background of IFRS:

IFRS is a set of International Accounting Standards which states that how transactions and events are reported in financial statements. IFRS is based upon certain principles rather than hard rules, which results that IFRS allows management to use greater discretion and flexibility for preparing a company’s financials. There are some stated goals of IFRS they are:

  • It is used to develop accounting standards which requires transparency, comparability and high quality in financial statements
  • To encourage global accounting standards
  • When accounting standard is implemented, it is needed to account emerging markets
  • It helps to convert many national accounting standards to global accounting standards

Its main benefit is utilized by investors and other users of financial statements as it is used to reduce the cost of investment and increase the quality of information.

International Financial Reporting Standard
International Financial Reporting Standard
Today multinational companies seek benefit the most, as it helps to save money. Goodwill is treated as similar to property and equipment, it is used to report on the balance sheet at the initial cost accumulation.It help to draw comparison and it makes easy with more accuracy when companies follow them.

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