Jonathan Finance Assingment Help With Solution

Jonathan Finance Assingment Help With Solution

For this question you must show the formulas you are using and the numerical inputs.  You may check your calculations in a spreadsheet. However, you should be able to make these calculations on a financial calculator for exam purposes.
Jonathan has held stock in ANX for the last few years, but is considering investing in more stocks that trade on a world market. He is studying two extra stocks, BNY and CNZ. These stocks and the market have experienced the following sample of historical returns during the last five years:

Return on Return on Return on Return on
Year stock ANX stock BNY stock CNZ market portfolio
1 6.0000% 10.0000% 13.0000% 9.0000%
2 2.0000% 4.0000% 12.0000% 12.5000%
3 5.0000% 12.0000% 14.0000% 14.5000%
4 1.5000% -2.5000% -11.0000% -8.0000%
5 3.0000% -2.0000% 16.0000% 12.0000%


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Please complete the following calculations and provide Jonathan with answers to his questions below.

  1. Find the average (mean) returns on the three stocks and the market portfolio during the last five years.  (3 marks)
  2. Find the variances and standard deviations of the returns on the ANX stock and the market portfolio during the last five years. (Hint: Historical returns are considered to be samples of possible returns.)  (3 marks)
  3. Find the coefficients of variation of the returns on the stocks and the market. If you had to choose only one stock to hold, which one would you choose? Explain your reasoning. (3 marks)
  4. Find the covariance and correlation coefficient of the ANX stock returns with the market.(3 marks)Note: If you use Excel to make the calculations, pay close attention to the need to use the formula for a sample rather than population.
  5. Historical return information for stocks BNY and CNZ is shown below. Find the betas of ANX, BNY, and CNZ stock returns. (Use your previous calculations as inputs for ANX.) (3 marks)
Stock Mean return Return standard deviation Return covariance with market portfolio Return correlation with market portfolio
BNY 4.30% 6.667% 0.003450 0.565024
CNZ 8.80% 11.167% 0.009950 0.972912


  1. If the expected market return is 8.0%, and the risk-free rate is 2.5%, what is the current required market return for each stock under the CAPM? (3 marks)
  2. Assume that the current expected returns for the three stocks equal their mean historical returns. If you could choose stocks based on their abnormal CAPM returns, which of the stocks ANX, BNY, or CNZ would you choose to hold? Show your calculations and explain your reasoning. What do you expect to happen to stocks with abnormal returns? (5 marks)
  3. If you form a stock portfolio, how do you calculatethe weights of each stock in the portfolio?(2 marks)
  4. Complete the following table for the two-stock portfolios indicated. Then show the use of each formula for calculating at least one set of portfolio outputs. (6 marks)
Stocks Weight Correlation between stock returns Mean return Return standard deviation Beta
ANX-BNY 50%-50% 0.832639
ANX-CNZ 75%-25% 0.572264


  1. Assume that next year, the expected return on the market portfolio is 9.5%, but the risk-free rate will stay the same as this year. Assume also that the expected returns on the three individual securities will be  1.5% higher than the prior years.Find the expected returns, CAPM required returns, and abnormal CAPM returns for BNY, CNZ, and the two stock portfolios from part (i). Which investment(s) would be profitable, based on the above expectations? How long would you expect these investment opportunities to persist in a relatively efficient market? (6 marks)
Stock/portfolio Weight Expected return (based on history) CAPM required return Abnormal (expected) CAPM return
BNY 100%
CNZ 100%
ANX-BNY 50%-50%
ANX-CNZ 75%-25%


  1. Assume you invest a portion of your investment in the market portfolio and the remainder in the risk-free asset at 2.5%. Based on that assumption, answer the following: (3 marks)
    1. Suppose that you invest 50% of your available cash in the market portfolio and the rest in the risk-free asset. What are the beta and expected portfolio returns based on the expected market portfolio return of 9.5% next year?
    2. Suppose that you invest 150% of your available cash in the market portfolio and the rest in the risk-free asset. What are the beta and expected portfolio returns based on the expected market portfolio return of 9.5% next year?
  • Explain how you would create these two portfolios using just the market portfolio and the risk-free asset, assuming financial markets are efficient.  How would you attain the required portfolio weights?


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