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Jurisprudence Law

The word jurisprudence derives from the Latin term juries’ prudential, which means “the study, knowledge, or science of law.” In the United States jurisprudence commonly means the philosophy of law.Jurisprudence is the natural of law, and legal realism, and critical legal studies.
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Types of Aspects

• General Jurisprudence- It includes such subjects or ends of law as are ordinary to all system.
• Particular Jurisprudence- It is the science of any actual system of law or any portion of it.
Significance and Utility of the Study of Jurisprudence
1. This subject has its own intrinsic interest and value because this is a subject of serious scholarship and research; researchers in Jurisprudence contribute to the development of society by having repercussions in the whole legal, political and social school of thoughts.
2. Jurisprudence can teach the people to look if not ahead, at least sideways and around them and realize that answers to a new legal problem must be found by a idea of present social needs and not in the wisdom of the past.
3. It trains the critical faculties of the mind of the students so that they can dictate fallacies and use accurate legal terminology and expression.
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