Koppert Cress: Creation of New Markets Case Study Solution


In the case study “Koppert Cress: Creation of New Markets” by Orietta Marsili and Tao Yue, the focus lies on the innovative strategies adopted by Koppert Cress, a Dutch company specializing in microgreens, edible flowers, and other innovative culinary products. This analysis delves into the challenges faced by Koppert Cress, the innovative approaches they have employed, and offers recommendations for their sustained growth and market expansion.

Case Issue

Koppert Cress faced a significant challenge in the form of entering new markets with their unique culinary products. The company’s challenge was to balance traditional farming practices with innovative agricultural techniques, ensuring consistent product quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Koppert Cress needed to navigate the complexities of diverse global markets, each with its own culinary traditions and preferences.

Case Analysis

Innovative Farming Practices
Koppert Cress distinguished itself through innovative farming practices, employing hydroponics and vertical farming techniques. These methods not only ensured year-round production but also significantly reduced water usage and environmental impact. This innovation allowed Koppert Cress to meet the demands of both chefs and environmentally conscious consumers.

Market Expansion Challenges
Expanding into new markets meant adapting products to local tastes and culinary traditions. This required extensive research and development efforts to modify existing products or create new ones tailored to each market’s preferences. Additionally, understanding diverse regulations and trade practices was crucial for successful market penetration.

Building Culinary Partnerships
Koppert Cress cultivated partnerships with renowned chefs worldwide. These collaborations not only provided visibility but also served as a platform for culinary innovation. By working closely with chefs, Koppert Cress tailored their products to meet the high standards of gourmet cuisine, enhancing their reputation and market presence.


In conclusion, Koppert Cress faced the challenge of global market expansion while maintaining the high quality and uniqueness of their products. By embracing innovative farming techniques, adapting products to diverse markets, and building strategic culinary partnerships, the company not only overcame these challenges but also thrived in the global culinary landscape.

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Continuous Innovation
Koppert Cress should continue investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of culinary innovation. Exploring new varieties of microgreens, edible flowers, and innovative crops can capture the interest of chefs and consumers alike.

Localized Product Development
Adapting products to local tastes is critical. The company should invest in understanding the nuances of different markets, developing products that resonate with local culinary traditions. This localized approach can enhance acceptance and demand in new regions.

Sustainable Practices
Sustainability should remain a core focus. Emphasizing eco-friendly farming practices not only aligns with modern environmental concerns but also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers. Highlighting these practices in marketing can enhance the company’s reputation.

Strategic Alliances
Strengthening partnerships with chefs and culinary institutions globally can open new doors. Collaborative events, culinary workshops, and chef endorsements can create buzz and expand market reach. Additionally, these alliances can provide valuable insights into evolving culinary trends.

Market Research and Flexibility
Continuous market research is essential. Consumer preferences and culinary trends change rapidly. By staying updated and being flexible in adapting to market demands, Koppert Cress can maintain its competitive edge.

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