Leadership Essay writing Assignment Help Example

Leadership Essay writing Assignment Help Example

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Leadership, in today’s world is often considered as a virtue rather than a trait. It is often referred to an individual who conveys and puts into action a long term vision which inspires other people to join in that ride at least to some extent. The topic we chose for our group presentation was leadership and followership in the context of today’s business world. We were a group of four individuals who were to prepare a group presentation on the topic. For the purpose of preparing an engaging and effective group presentation we divided the work as per requirement.

The process took some time before we all reach to conclusion on what and who will do the work as we have sectioned all the required work. In this essay I will reflect on the process of our group’s conjunction to the point where we finally made a final presentation.  I actively participated in all the work prescribed to me and also helped others to get their work done.

In this I will demonstrate and highlight how strong and ethical leadership can strongly and positively affect a business and anything which that leader is pursuing. I will also highlight the shortcomings I faced during my discourse with other individuals from the group and how I overcame them by following some basic rules of leadership. In total working in a group taught me how to move ahead in a direction which will eventually furnish the collective goal of all the individuals involved.


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Formation of the group and operation


As i have mentioned earlier our group was consisted of five people and we were from the same class, so basically we all knew many things about each other. Hence, working in a group for a group presentation was an advantageous position for us. We went along nicely in the barring some creative differences in the meantime.

We divided the required work for the presentation into parts. As our topic was to understand the leadership and changes in the context of today’s business world, we have to shortlist some business organizations that through effective leadership have emerged victorious in terms of operations and profitability and overall growth. We also have to work on the power point presentation for the same. Our work also includes collecting facts and figures which can ably demonstrate our point. And the last and the most important part of our work were to conduct some interviews with some highly influential leaders from the business organizations we have selected for our topic.

So after identifying our requirements we classified these works to all the individuals after evaluating their area of expertise and also interest. I was assigned to shortlist business organizations which will prove our point. I was always good with collecting information and data. So the job of short listing business houses for our presentation suited me more and it was my area of interest also. Similarly other individuals were also assigned with the job which was suitable for them. The process went smoothly and we get along with our work. It also helped us all in getting along with each other smoothly.

Planning and progress


We planned the project by analysing the requirement and then breaking it down in to a chart of high performance tasks. Then we included all these tasks into a Gantt chart, which helped us to navigate the progress as were able to see how we had allocated our resources and when a particular work will be finished. We reviewed chart periodically and more towards the end of the project. It allowed us to see where we have gone wrong and also how our estimation regarding the work has been proved incorrect. The process was going smoothly and as per our requirements.

I collected data and information on around hundred companies which were meeting my criterion. I had to choose only five of those companies and selecting five from hundred was not an easy task. So I decided to choose on the basis of their performance during last five years. I drew all the information from the past five years on all the companies and pit them on board. I installed software through which I will be able to compare the available data. The process was fruitful as eventually I was able to get to the point where I got my five companies on the basis of which we can finally start our project.

We faced another setback during the middle stage as the person who was leading the project fell ill and we were one person short after that. But till than he completed his job of collecting the data and figures for the companies which we were working. But he was an able leader and losing him was a major setback. From here I took the charge of the leader with the consent of every other member of our group.

Right then I understood what it takes to be a leader and how power implicates responsibility. For the first time in my life I was enjoying a work as it was asking for my full commitment and dedication. From there on i started working with more enthusiasm and commitment.

I assisted the person who was assigned the task of taking interviews from the successful leaders. My work of short listing companies was done so i was now assisting other people from our group on their work. We conducted interviews and recorded them through voice recorder. We will use those recordings for breaking down the required information and use it on our presentation. The interview process went smoothly and it was a huge success as we were able to complete thirteen interviews of leaders from diverse backgrounds and fields. It gave us a huge impetus for our project.

The planning and progress stage was completed successfully despite some minor hiccups. However, in the later stage of the project I felt that only if we have approached the interview process with some questionnaire rounds than it would have been more impactful. I marked this as learning and decided to use it later projects.

My contribution


During the project, I was assigned to do the work of short listing five business organizations on the basis of their performances and how their performances is affected by able leadership and changes. I was also assigned to handle the Gantt chart. For the purpose of short listing companies I met with several top management people from many business houses to chart their growth and their leadership strategy. I collected data regarding their achievements and growth; however this was an additional task which i did on my own for the effectiveness of the project and the companies I will select eventually. Till this point i was working as per instructed but after the illness of our leader I took the charge of the leader of our group and from there on I was multi-tasking along with managing the work done by other members. The added responsibility did a wonderful job for me as I was now more focused and determined to make the project as success. I went along with the person who was conducting interview with the business leaders and helped him getting his job done. In the meantime I also worked on a system which was not working properly and was causing problem for the person who was handling the job for power point slides.

Handling disputes and creative differences


All the members of the group were supportive and were good in handling the assigned job. We faced some creative differences over the structure of the presentation and we faced disputes over the same and that created some differences for a short period of time as later on we sat over for a meeting and sorted the problem amicably and democratically. We chose to go with the structure which the person handling the charge has demonstrated. All were agreed over the same and we move ahead amicably.

As a leader one must understand that in order to attain the common goal and vision one must endure the short term goals. Disputes were over the structure of the presentation and it was sorted out amicably because all the members understood the fact that to make the project successful they have to think about the ultimate goal and not individual goal.

Reflective evaluation


This group project was my first project and so it was the biggest project which I had undertaken. In the process I learned a great deal about the group dynamics and the significance of leadership and followership. i also learned how to use power point slides. The whole process was a new thing for me as I have mentioned earlier this was my first experience in terms of working in a group. As our topic was leadership, I learned some unknown aspects of leadership and how it affects our own thinking process.

I learned how to make presentations in front of huge crowd. I never did it before and I was a bit reluctant while taking up the job of doing it. But with push from my team members I proceeded and did a satisfactory job. In the future I will try to learn some basic things regarding how to make effective presentation in front of huge crowds. The team members were supportive in terms of completing their work within the deadline.

One more thing i would have done in a different manner was to be more technical in terms of collecting data and information on the companies which I have short listed for our project. I did everything manually as I did not have much knowledge regarding scientific methods of data collections. For any further project I will learn some scientific methods of data collection and will apply to the project.

Our collective hard work and commitment meant we completed our project within the allotted time and were quite successful in achieving our desired objective. It was an eventful ride working with different individuals but was one worth experiencing. In the future I will try to infuse more of self-awareness into any project I will get.


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