LTC Economics Assingment Help With Solution

LTC Economics Assingment Help With Solution

Final Project – Persuasive Health Care Economic PowerPoint Presentation
For your final course project, you will develop a voiced-over PowerPoint (PPT) presentation on a current issue in health care economics from the list below. It must have an economic and persuasive foundation and adhere to all APA and Excelsior College originality requirements.
There must be at least 2 economic analytical or evaluation tools clearly incorporated into the presentation along with a minimum of 3 academic or professional references to support your economic perspective.
In Module 2, you will submit your topic proposal to me for approval.
Then, in Module 4, you will submit an outline, thesis statement, and a list of resources.
Topics to Select From – Remember Economic Perspective
1.Examine different growth rates & economic costs through the last 10-20 years in one of the “sectors” of health care – inpatient or hospital care, physician setting care such as single or multigroup practices, ambulatory surgery centers, LTC, pharmaceuticals, etc.
2.Examine the correlation, if there is any, to medical malpractice insurance and increases in physician practice behavior, including physician prices.
3.Select a particular disease or condition (including unhealthy behaviors such as smoking) and examine the economic costs associated including diagnosis, treatment, mortality, morbidity, length of stay if hospitalized, etc.
4.Study the economic costs of medical errors and patient safety initiatives to prevent medical errors.
5.Present a position (for or against) that the United States adopt a universal health plan with one payer.
6.Take an economic position on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and present the position (for or against) including costs, coverage, etc.

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•Must be saved and uploaded as a .PPS or .PPSX document that includes a slide presentation and corresponding audio.
•Must be in APA, including reference page and citations within the slide presentation of your sources and statements, whether directly or paraphrased. For guidance, visit Excelsior’s Library.
•Use a font that is clean and easy for the audience to read such as Verdana, Arial or Tahoma and no smaller than 30 in color combinations that are pleasing to the eye.
•10-20 minutes with an average of 1 slide approximately every 2 minutes.
•A minimum of 2 economic analytical or evaluation tools used (see Module 2 for examples) to clearly support the topic.
•Minimum of 3 academic or scholarly references cited in the slide presentation.
•Pictures, tables, and graphs on at least 50% of the slides with no more than 2 graphics/slide.
•Utilize the 1 idea or topic/slide concept with a logical progression throughout the presentation.
•Title slide that includes your name, the date, course, instructor, and institution.
•Introduction slide that provides a clear and concise overview of your presentation to capture the viewer’s attention.
•Content slides as outlined above.
•Conclusion slide that summarizes your presentation and repeats the main idea without introducing new information.
•Resources slide(s) with resources written in APA formatting.
•Your voice should be calm, clear, and at an appropriate rate.
•The content should be richly developed for a board member and emotionally for a seventh grader. In other words, high quality content that is succinct and easily understood.
Other Formatting Tips
•Use bullets to convey main ideas and your oral presentation will expand on the main content rather than full paragraphs or sentences.
•Use of graphics should support the topic rather than overwhelm and should be copyright free.
•Animations should add value to slide and content rather than distraction.
•Stop talking when you move from slide to slide, otherwise you may have audio gaps between your voice.
•Turn the volume up on your presentation.
•Send your saved presentation to yourself or another person to ensure that your audio is functioning.
Your final presentation will be due by the end of Module 7 and is worth 25% of your final grade.
Keep in mind that it must be an economic examination of the disease and NOT a clinical or social overview. Also, it must be supported by at least 2 economic analytical or evaluation tools, be persuasive, and a minimum of 3 academic or scholarly resources cited in the slide presentation. It must also be written as a persuasive (essay) assignment in the third person.
You will be assessed according to the PPT Rubric
Final Presentation Outline & References (Due before Final PPT Presentation) ( See Topics in beginning of this document)
You will submit your thesis statement, an outline of your proposed content, and a list of at least 3 preliminary resources. The intent is for you to develop a logical format to your presentation which identifies the main ideas that you will present.
Thesis Statement
Your thesis statement informs the reader of what your presentation will be about and of what to expect. It will help you to narrow your focus and communicate your foundation of the presentation.
Formal Outline
Creating an outline is instrumental in depicting the logical sequencing of information. An outline also helps with the organization of thoughts which in turn will help assist with your writing. You may use as many idea headings and subheadings as you need to complete your presentation.
Here is an example of a formal outline:
1.Main Idea with specific economic analytical tool
a. Subtopic
b. Subtopic
1. Specific Economic Analytical Tool
2.Main Idea with specific economic analytical tool
b. Specific Economic Analytical Tool
c. subtopic
Your thesis statement, formal outline, and list of resources are to be created in a Word doc and should adhere to the APA style of writing.
For additional writing help, please visit the following sites:
•Purdue Online Writing Lab
•Excelsior College Library Writing Resources
•Citing Sources
Final Presentation Outline submission will be worth 20 points of your Final Project. Failure to submit your outline means that you will start out with a maximum of a 80 on your Final Project.

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