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1. Symbols, stories, heroes, and rites and rituals are ways in which a company’s ________ is (are) communicated to new employees.
A. plans
B. goals
C. objectives
D. culture
E. ethics
2. Strategic, tactical, and operational are___________.
A. levels of planning
B. levels of diversity
C. business departments
D. three levels of marketing
E. phases of the environment
3. Brenda, the district manager for Beautiful Florist, told the store managers in her district that she needs the sales goals for next year. A new manager, Paula, said, “I am going to sell over $100,000 in flowers next year.” Brenda later told Paula, “That’s good, but I need to know specifically, in each category, how much you plan on selling in each month of next year.” Brenda’s request for a specific answer is an example of a _____.
A. target date
B. general objective
C. simplistic goal
D. focal point
E. SMART goal
4. The rights which a manager has to make decisions, give orders, and utilize resources are known as ____.
A. power
B. a clan culture
C. a hierarchy of power
D. touching
E. authority
5. Which of the following is notone of the five stages of a team’s lifecycle of development?
A. norming
B. storming
C. performing
D. adjourning
E. rewarding
6. The Human Resource Department of French Quarter Seafood did a training workshop on setting and achieving organization goals. Alex, the store manager of the New Orleans location, has been working with his managers to set objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and have target dates. These types of goals define ____.

A. focused goals
B. managerial commitments
C. standard operating procedures
D. SMART goals
7. Karl was suspended for two-weeks without pay for a string of customer complaints about his poor service and professionalism.His manager was using ______ power.
A. socialized
B. coercive
C. referent
D. reward
E. expert
8. Rita, the owner of Fine Coffee and Pastry Shop is concerned because Panera Bread is opening a new store just one mile from her shop. Rita knows that Panera will be offering similar products so Panera Bread will be a ____ to Fine Coffee.
A. competitor
B. competitive ally
C. strategic ally
D. distributor
E. internal stakeholder
9. The structure of Green Cross Marijuana consists of employees with similar specialties put together in formal groups, such as the growers, testers, marketing, accounting and legal departments. This is an example of a _____.
A. simple structure
B. focused structure
C. hollow structure
D. functional structure
E. centralized structure
10. ______________ focuses on employee perceptions as to how fairly they think they are being treated compared with others.
A. esteem theory
B. equity theory
C. hygiene theory
D. expectancy theory
E. goal-setting theory
11. Paige is on a team that consists of members who interact by computer network to collaborate on project. She is on a (n) ________.
A. remote team
B. senior management team
C. self-managed team
D. virtual team
E. quality improvement team
12. The approach to leadership that suggests that effective leadership behavior depends on the situation at the time is the ______ approach.
A. contingency
B. transformational
C. circumstantial
D. behavioral
E. trait
13. To ensure that plans are moving in the right direction, managers use the ______.
A. means-ends chain
B. synergy method
C. efficiency plan
D. planning/control cycle
E. satisficing strategy
14. Don works diligently to accomplish the company goals in an efficient and effective manner, utilizing his employees through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling company resources. Don is ___.
A. developing synergy
B. delegating
C. likeable
D. managing
E. vision planning
15. Ricardo’s sales manager just informed his sales team that all sales in January will earn an extra 5% commission. The team gets right to work, being motivated by a (n) _____.
A. extrinsic reward
B. physiological need
C. high need for power
D. intrinsic reward
E. hygiene factor
16. The upper management of a large national retail grocery store has passed along the objective of improving customer service to the district managers. At this point, the district managers need to determine how the stores in their district will achieve top management’s objective with the given resources during the next 6 to 24 months. This type of planning is known as ____.
A. working-level planning
B. tactical planning
C. middle-level planning
D. operational planning
E. strategizing
17. A company’s mission statement expresses the ____.
A. expected profitability of the organization
B. purpose of the organization
C. code of ethics
D. market for the product
E. types of employees needed
18. Which of the following is not part of strategic human resource management planning?
A. plan human resources needed to meet the company’s strategic plan
B. establish the business strategy
C. recruit and select people
D. orient, train and develop entry level employees
E. negotiate an employment contract
19. Betty reports to the front desk manager. Betty is one of a team of four cashiers who are responsible for developing a plan to improve the bank’s customer service. Betty does not have authority over other team members, but she provides guidance, instruction and direction to them. Betty is a (n) ____.
A. lower-level manager
B. team leader
C. advisory manager
D. director of the board
E. top-level manager
20. The principal functions of management are ___.
A. executing, planning, organizing, leading
B. scheduling, organizing, leading, staffing, monitoring
C. staffing, planning, motivating, delegating
D. planning, organizing, leading, controlling
E. staffing, planning, leading, delegating
21. Elite Coffee and Bakery, a café that offers a relaxing environment to enjoy quality coffees, teas, soups, and other menu items, has a poster in the front of its restaurants that reads, “We will always provide a quality product to help our customers better meet the challenges of their day and always take the time to offer caring service one person at a time.” This statement is Elite’s ___.
A. belief statement
B. goals pact
C. mission statement
D. code of ethics
E. management promise
22. A _______ is defined as a small group of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.
A. quality circle
B. group
C. panel
D. collaborative unit
E. team
23. ________________ is the purpose of the strategic human resource process.
A. Maintaining a stable workforce for minimum expense
B. Reducing turnover
C. Formulating operating plans
D. Building high performance work teams to help realize the company’s mission and vision
E. Staffing a new store
24. ______ is the expectation that successful performance of the task will lead to the desired outcome.
A. expectancy
B. reinforcement
C. valence
D. effort
E. instrumentality
25. In considering the staffing an organization might need in the future, human resource managers should __________.
A. focus efforts on replacing those who retire or resign
B. assume that the organization will not change much
C. assume that there will be radical changes in the supply of labor and the nature of the organization’s jobs, so defer planning
D. hire 10% more people than were needed last year to cover possible growth
E. understand the organization’s vision and strategy and hire to support them
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26. With increasing competition in the restaurant business, Sal, owner of Yara’s Pizza, is dealing with growing uncertainty. He is meeting with his managers to develop a future course of action to meet company goals. This process is known as _____.
A. planning
B. leading
C. controlling
D. defining
E. diversifying
27. Ralph, the owner/manager of a busy hardware store, knows that he needs to entrust many of his tasks to his employees, rather than doing it all himself. This process of assigning tasks to lower-level employees is known as ____.
A. handing
B. outputting
C. span of control
D. delegation
E. accountability
28. When members of a group are friendly and tight-knit, but unable to disagree enough to properly evaluate alternatives, they are said to be experiencing _____.
A. groupthink
B. paradigm paralysis
C. social loafing
D. the dialectic method
E. devil’s advocacy
29. Leadership is the ability to ______ employees to pursue organizational goals.
A. force
B. reward
C. request
D. compensate
E. influence
30. Paula, the CEO and owner of THC Systems, has only three people reporting to her, the vice president of marketing, vice president of HR, and vice president of accounting. Paula has a _____.
A. narrow span of control
B. small unity of command
C. wide span of control
D. focused span of control
E. broad span of influence
31. The theory under which people make the choice that promises them the greatest reward if they think they can get it is _____.
A. goal-setting theory
B. equity theory
C. reinforcement theory
D. expectancy theory
E. two-factor theory
32. Goal-setting theory suggests that employees can be motivated by goals that have all of the following characteristics except _____.
A. specific and challenging
B. achievable
C. linked to an action plan
D. little or no feedback
E. measurable
33. Xiang pays a lot of attention to the environment outside his company, staying alert for long-run opportunities and problems and devising strategies for dealing with them. Xiang is a (n) ____ level manager.
A. team leader
B. first-line
C. board
D. monitoring
E. upper
34. Two of the primary challenges facing managers today are ____.
A. dealing with employee issues and maintaining good records
B. dealing with the lack of information and union problems
C. dealing with union and financial issues
D. managing for a competitive advantage and diversity
E. dealing with ethical dilemmas and decreasing diversity
35. Jessica has been asked to put together a cross functional team to improve the delivery time of on-line orders. Which of the following actionswould not help Jessica to build an effective team?
A. assign a large team of 25 employees from the same department
B. encourage members to interact and cooperate
C. select team members with a range of skills
D. ensure that the team’s objective is clear
E. promise team members a specific reward for the team’s success
36. The extent to which a job allows an employee to make decisions about scheduling different tasks and deciding how to perform them is called _____.
A. horizontal loading
B. skill variety
C. autonomy
D. task significance
E. task identity
37. Self-managed teams are groups of workers who have been given ______ for their tasks.
A. individual incentives
B. reduced responsibility
C. administrative oversight
D. complete freedom
E. no technology
38. When the manager of a local restaurant sets goals and then develops a plan on how to achieve them, she is ____.
A. planning
B. monitoring
C. delegating
D. organizing
E. staffing
39. IT Technology has designed its corporate structure with divisions based on its location. For example, there are the Southern and Northern Divisions, and there is the European Division based in London.This is an example of a structure with _____.
A. geographic divisions
B. matrix divisions
C. customer divisions
D. span of control divisions
E. product divisions
40. The first three steps to planning a business are (in the correct order) ___.
A. strategic planning, mission statement, vision statement
B. operational planning, mission statement, hiring plan
C. strategic planning, operational planning, vision statement
D. mission statement, vision statement, strategic planning
E. tactical planning, operational planning, mission statement
41. Amy, a successful banker and educator, has decided to retire, but she is very interested in staying involved with the company. So when asked to be on its board of directors, she gladly accepted the invitation. As a member of the board, Amy will be involved with the organization’s ____.
A. overall strategic goals and approval of major decisions
B. daily company management and employee supervision
C. overall strategic goals and global HR management
D. management of a the planning department
E. oversight of sales and marketing
42. Which of the following is nota characteristic of a successful incentive pay plan?
A. clear and realistic goals
B. regular communication with employees about the incentive plan
C. complex rules which are changed without explanation
D. simple design
E. consistency with the organization’s existing goals and objectives
43. Susan is a first-line supervisor in Market of Choice, a grocery retailer. She wants to decrease the time she spends working on doing her daily closing work by 50%. This goal she sets for herself is an example of a (n) ____.
A. stretch goal
B. front-line goal
C. tactical goal
D. supervisory goal
E. operational goal
44. Which of the following is an advantage of small work groups?
A. better interaction, morale, and coordination
B. more formalized team leadership
C. more creativity and innovation
D. more division of labor
E. fewer distractions
45. Levi works for High Life Distributors. He gets 5% of any sale of marijuana he makes to existing customers, 10% on the first sale to a new customer. Levi’s sales commission is an example of what type of pay plan?
A. pay-for-skills
B. profit-sharing
C. gainsharing
D. pay-for-performance
E. salary
46. ABC Manufacturing employs some of the top professionals in its field, and because of their skills and experience, ABC is highly efficient and outperforms its competitors year after year. ABC Manufacturing has a (n) ___________ over its competition.
A. quality mark
B. effectiveness advantage
C. synergy
D. leadership dimension
E. sustainable competitive advantage
47. The stage during which a group sets guidelines about issues like attendance and punctuality at team meetings is the ______ stage.
A. forming
B. storming
C. norming
D. adjourning
E. performing
48. Managers are typically classified into the four levels of ___________.
A. upper, regional, middle, lower
B. upper, middle, floating, lower
C. top, middle, first-line managers, team leaders
D. top, middle, first-line, advisors
E. upper, board of directors, middle, lower
49. ____________ is the motivation theory that attempts to explain behavior change by suggesting that behavior with positive consequences will be repeated while behavior with negative consequences will not to be repeated.
A. acquired needs theory
B. equity theory
C. expectancy theory
D. reinforcement theory
E. two-factor theory
50. Which of the following is an intrinsic benefit of working for SAS?
A. wages and salaries
B. on-site child care
C. pride in being part of a good company
D. year-end profit sharing
E. subsidized golf club membership
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