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Managerial Accounting is concerned with accounting that solely looks into the operational needs of any organization. Managerial Accounting has the basic purpose to help the top level managers and other departments in taking decision and forming plan and policies for increasing the effectiveness of the operating of organization.

Managerial Accounting help managers: –

  • To efficiently manage their resources in a planned way
  • To check upwards and downwards trends in business for the purpose of decision making.
  • To make a report of Variance analysis which will help managers to find reason for the Favorable or Unfavorable variance in income or expense.
  • To enable managers to forecast and project the financial effects of future transactions
  • To preparing operational reports for judging the efficiency of operation of business.
  • To make a reconciliation Statement with Financial Accounting


Varied Scope of Managerial Accounting Assignment Help:

In General, Managerial Accounting is a very vast concept as it deals with presentation of entire tools of accounting before the management for the purpose of analyzing and decision making.

However, the following areas can be summed up within the Scope of Managerial Accounting Assignment Help:

(I) Financial Accounting:  Management accounting is derived from the information obtained in Financial Accounting System. Hence, Financial Accounting system must be properly managed to obtain full control over Managerial Accounting.

(ii) Cost Accounting: Techniques such as Differential Costing , Marginal Costing , Oppurtunity Cost analysis play a key role in Managerial Accounting .

(iii) Revaluation Accounting: It ensures that Net Capital of an organization is maintained in real time basis and profit is calculated keeping Net capital in mind.

 (v) Inventory Control:  Inventory Control includes method that will keep the valuation of inventory intact until the inventory is finally disposed off .

(Vi) Internal Audit:  Internal Audit is also an important aspect of Managerial Accounting as it helps us to present the data more accurately.


A Student can have homework problems in Managerial Accounting Assignment Help in many areas. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Decision making Accounting for Manufacturing companies
  2. Activity based Costing
  3. Budgetary Planning
  4. Cost volume Profit
  5. Job Order Cost Accounting
  6. Performance Management
  7. Process Cost Accounting
  8. Variable costing: Decision making
  9. Relevant Costing


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