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Marketing Management Essay Help
Marketing Management Essay Help
The success of any business depends upon the market targeted and since the choice and usage of mobile differs from persons to persons. There are various factors responsible such as Age of the user, affordability, need, features and services users are expecting (Wilson and Waddams 2010).For understanding the nature of the market the management observes a group of customers and analyze their choices, price range which they are more like to prefer and thus how study is made to recognize the customers of more importance. Those customers who are interested in buying products available with the company are likely or potential customers. And to trap the market it is very important to implement the correct strategy that will add to the growth of the company.
Allphone tries to make a research on the trapped market to understand customer’s need and then advertising the services to the customers through different medium. To attract customers from all parts of the country it is very important to choose right channel or medium for advertising and publicizing the products and services which could leave an impact. Trapping a particular market always helps a company in reaching the right customers .And this method is preferred over other methods. (Rosch, 2010)
In order to increase its sales and brand name Allphones mainly focuses on customers’ satisfaction by offering them the best services. And hence these observations are considered while preparing a marketing strategy for target customers. The analyses of the potential markets are mainly done by senior analysts of the company to evaluate the performance of the company. Surveys and feed backs are also taken. The data gathered from different customers is helpful in preparing plans for enhancing the services and attracting a huge crowd. Company is continuously trying for betterment of the services to reach and capture a huge market in order to retain its identity in the market even in this tough competition (Rosch, 2010). Segmentation of the market is done on the basis of age, sex, Family life cycle, work, psychographic etc.


Age is one of the important factors to be considered. Usage of different plans highly depends on the age group. For example teenagers are more likely to use sms packs for chatting with their friends on the other hand grownups and aged people would prefer more talk time to communicate with their business clients and associates. The preferred target segment lies in the age group of 15-25 & 25-40 responsible for 75% of industry revenue. The company should have flexible plans keeping in mind every age group so that it can attract majority of people and could trap a huge market (Raffate, Chater, and Firth 2009)


the usage of the services differ for both man and women. Also the structure and colour of the handsets vary for both men and women. Women would prefer slim and colorful handsets whereas men would prefer strong handsets having advanced features. The company should know to differentiate between the needs as it will help them to meet the demands (Raffate, Chater, and Firth 2009)

Family life cycle

It includes facts about how the family would use his handsets and services. As some family would prefer plans that provides more free calling to certain networks (Ofcom,2010)


The usage of phone varies from occupation to occupation for example business class would need heavy calling rates as compared to service class therefore company offers flexible plans for different uses.


In this method company tries to understand the lifestyle of the users which can be either individuals or organizations or institutions. These factors are important to understand the requirements and act accordingly as some customers may need more internet plans or sms plans that does not increase the cost of service to much extent. It is very important to consider these factors in the correct direction so as to prepare an effective plan to cater the needs of the user and for growth of the business.
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