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Marketing Plan Case Study Plan
Marketing Plan Case Study Plan
Yummy cupcake has seen steady growth in last few years. So it is now planning to improve its growth through effective marketing strategy. Hence, our main aim is to develop a marketing strategy to court its main customer to try cupcake more and more. It is clear from the problem statements, that the aim of Marketing is to study customer perceptions about Yummy cupcake products and thus to develop new strategies for Marketing to improve its sales further. So the major objectives of this report is to devise STP marketing plan for the company.

STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning) Strategy for case study examples in marketing

The growth of any business depends upon the market they target and as the choice and usage of yummy cupcakes (YC) varies from individual to individual. Some factors responsible for this are requirement, features, affordability, age of the user and services they are expecting). Business like YC must assess the division into subsets, targeting and locating strategy to tap the main market.
The division of market into segments can be done by examining nature of customers at high end range so that their choices, price range can be analyzed and this is the way in which customers of more importance are recognized. The customers who are interested in purchasing the products available with company are called potential customers. Once the company has done it analysis on the trapped market to understand the requirements of customers, it will develop its positioning strategy. In order to grab the attention of customers from all parts of country appropriate channel or medium for advertisements and publicity must be chosen which can leave an impact. Focusing on a particular market always helps the company in making customers and is generally preferred over other methods.
Segmentation means dividing the main market into segments market according to the range of cupcakes products. Evaluation of performance of the company is done according to study of potential markets which is mainly done by senior analysts. All the databases collected from different customers by surveys and feedbacks are then used for making plans for the improving services and to attract more customers. Market segmentation is usually done on factors like age, sex, family life cycle, occupation, psychographic etc. as explained below for Chanel:-

Segmentation & Positioning Strategy for Marketing Plan Case Study Help


Age is one of the important factors of consideration. Analysis has concluded that customers of children are usually more interested in these cupcakes. The usage of products varies depending on whether the customer is male or female and from the survey it is found that it is more preferable by Men since women are diet conscious. These factors are important are necessary to assess the needs and thus to act accordingly. The YC is popular for its high range cupcake products amongst children. So company mainly focuses on this segment by adjusting their products according to the requirements of this segment in order to multiply its sales and brand name. Hence, the main strategy of YC here is to segment customers especially children so as to identify potential customers to target and position range of products.
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