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Posted on March 20, 2017

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MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. It is a fourth generation programming language which was developed by the organization Math Works. It was developed in the year 1984 and was written in a number of programming languages such as C, JAVA and C++. It is used in complex mathematical calculations, plotting of data, experimentation of algorithms and creating graphical user interfaces. It was initially designed to work only on numerical outcomes and problems but with the addition of a platform it is able to perform symbolic computing activities also. Addition of ‘Simulik’ feature enables the program to run graphically in embedded systems. It was developed by the chairman of Computer science at university of New Mexico; the thought behind the development was to use new features without learning FORTRAN. It has become huge popular and useful programs and is widely used for image processing and signal processing too. It enabled linear algebra programming and numerical analysis to be ease and can be performed quite easily. It supports both session of active and batch job. It is used to develop and run numerical applications and algorithms; it is a multi paradigm programming language which allows the users to interact with other platforms easier. Detail Analysis about MATLAB can be done from BEST MATLAB Assignment Help.


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There are a lot of speculations about the variables used in MATLAB. It is defined using the assignment operator. It lacks behind in one aspect is that the variables are implicitly converted which is not a good practice. In this type of programming language which is often called inferred programming language, here variables type can be changed without assigning a value to the variable and the variables can also be assigned without declaring the type. Details of variables used within the language can be known from MATLAB Assignment Help.


Mostly all the variables in MATLAB are of array, but it also supports structure data types, which is called structure array and has same field name as of others. It also supports dynamic field names feature which comes handy while compilation.


It functions like other similar programs by calling and using functions and sub routines by the rules defined for functions, It uses a wrapper function to pass and call data types to function. It has added a couple of features that is making it exquisite and leading in market such as addition of feature of python. The Library function for other programming languages such as PERL, JAVA,C can be easily called by MATLAB library functions.

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