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Memory is something that helps us to remember or store information. Although natural memory may fade away but mechanical memory stays in the form of files and data. Similarly, computers also have memories, internally built and externally applied, that helps to store information and have the tendency to retrieve it when needed. Managing the memory can be a tough task and the students studying computer science go through a topic of memory management. To clear all the fundamentals and complicated problems of memory management, here we deliver Memory Management Assignment Help from our experts writers. Students can take their help to propagate their research as well as written context.

Memory Management


A type f resource management that is applied to a computer system memory is called as memory management. The main task is to allot spaces and portions of memories to various programs and free them for reuse when no longer needed. Usually this memory is internal memory such as RAM, so every program that is being used should be copied from the device to the main memory. In our Memory Management Assignment Help, we keep a clear understanding in between external and internal memory applications by explaining the following two types of mechanism.

1. Dynamic loading: Usually a complete program is supposed to be installed in a memory but there are times when only a small part of program is loaded in memory only when it is called by the program. This mechanism is called as dynamic loading and is supposed to enhance the performance of the memory.

2. Dynamic linking: there are situations where the performance of one program is certainly dependent over another program. For this case our Memory Management Assignment Help team experts suggest that despite of loading all the dependent programs, CPU links the dependent program to the main executing program if a requirement occurs. This phenomenon is called as dynamic linking.

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Processes related to memory management


  • There are certain processes that work internally, sometimes through command and sometimes by themselves. They are:
  • a. Swapping: Due to not having enough memory, sometimes all the currently active processes are not held by the memory. Then the active processes are kept on disk and are run dynamically by swapping process making sure that they are put back at the disk after the work is done.

    b. Contiguous memory allocation: Here the memory is divided into partitions and each partition will contain one process. When the process finishes and the free partitions called holes come up, the process is selected from the input and loaded.

    c. Memory protection: Memory accessing is made limited on the computer. Any program that has not been allotted to the memory can be dangerous and memory protection process helps to save it. Hence it prevents the bug from corrupting the processes.

    d. Paging: Blocks of equal size called pages are formed by dividing the physical memory. It is a solution for the fragmentation problem. The physical address space of a process is made non contagious by paging process.

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