Microsoft’s Acquisition of Sendit : Post-Acquisition Integration by Maurizio Zollo Case Study Solution


The case study “Microsoft’s Acquisition of Sendit (D): Post-Acquisition Integration” by Maurizio Zollo delves into the challenges faced by Microsoft following its acquisition of Sendit. This analysis explores the complexities of post-acquisition integration, focusing on the critical issues encountered and the strategic decisions necessary for a seamless merger of the two entities.

Case Issue

The primary challenge in this case revolves around the post-acquisition integration process. Merging corporate cultures, aligning strategic objectives, and integrating technologies and teams are daunting tasks. The effective integration of Sendit into Microsoft’s existing framework is crucial to leveraging the acquisition’s full potential and ensuring a harmonious transition for all stakeholders involved.

Case Analysis

Corporate Culture Alignment
Merging corporate cultures is a pivotal yet intricate aspect of post-acquisition integration. Sendit and Microsoft likely have different work cultures, values, and communication styles. It is essential to identify common ground and create a unified corporate culture that promotes collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement.

Strategic Alignment
Aligning Sendit’s strategic goals with Microsoft’s overarching objectives is fundamental. This alignment should involve a thorough analysis of Sendit’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identifying synergies between the companies can lead to more focused strategies, ensuring that the acquisition contributes significantly to Microsoft’s overall growth.

Technological Integration
The integration of technologies and systems is a critical technical challenge. It involves streamlining software platforms, IT infrastructure, and data management systems. Ensuring that the technologies are interoperable and secure is vital. Any disruptions in service during the integration process can lead to dissatisfaction among clients and stakeholders.


In conclusion, the successful integration of Sendit into Microsoft is pivotal for maximizing the benefits of the acquisition. The complexities involved in merging corporate cultures, aligning strategies, and integrating technologies require meticulous planning and execution. A well-thought-out integration strategy is essential to retaining key talent, retaining client confidence, and ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved.

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Open Communication Channels
Foster open communication between Sendit and Microsoft employees. Regular town hall meetings, workshops, and collaborative sessions can bridge communication gaps, foster understanding, and create a sense of unity among the teams.

Cultural Integration Initiatives
Implement cultural integration initiatives that celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity. Cross-cultural training programs, mentorship schemes, and team-building activities can create a shared sense of purpose among employees from both companies.

Strategic Synergy Utilization
Identify strategic synergies between Sendit and Microsoft. Leveraging Sendit’s strengths, such as innovative technologies or market penetration strategies, can bolster Microsoft’s existing portfolio. Integrating these strengths strategically can enhance Microsoft’s overall competitive advantage.

Technology Integration Roadmap
Develop a detailed technology integration roadmap. Collaborate with IT specialists from both companies to ensure a seamless transition of software platforms and data. Rigorous testing protocols should be in place to identify and resolve potential issues before they affect operations.

Continuous Feedback and Adaptation
Establish a feedback loop to continuously monitor the integration process. Regular feedback from employees, clients, and stakeholders can highlight areas that require attention. Being adaptable and responsive to these inputs is essential for making necessary adjustments promptly.

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