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Mode is also known as the modal score. It is a variable that occurs most in the set of given data. Mode can be used for both qualitative and quantitative data. Mode can be classified into four types – unimodal, bimodal, trimodal and multimodal.


Unimodal is a distribution of variables that consists of only one mode.


Bimodal is a distribution of variables that consists of two modes.


Trimodal is a distribution of variables that consists of three modes.


Multimodal is a distribution of variables that consists of more than two modes.
Mode is of two types – Crude mode and True mode.

Crude mode

For ungrouped data, mode is the variable which occurs most in the set of given data. For grouped data, crude mode is the mid-point of the interval with the largest frequency.

True mode

For grouped data, true mode is the point of greatest concentration. Clients looking for various topics regarding mode can refer Mode Assignment Help where each and every concept is explained thoroughly.

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Merits and Demerits of Mode

Various situations in which mode can be used is explained in Mode Assignment Help
• Mode is used when an exact measure of central tendency is required.
• In case we have to find the point of maximum concentration, mode is always the best choice.
• Mode is also used when data is incomplete, skewed or in case of extreme values.
• Whenever a typical value is required as a measure of central tendency, mode is used.
The merits of mode given in Mode Assignment Help are
• Mode is always a value that is available in the series, unlike mean.
• In case of discrete series, mode is very easy to find by inspection.
• Mode is easy to understand as it is the average of simpler expressions like size of families, sale of a commodity, etc.
• Mode remains unaffected by the extreme values of items.
• Mode is defined from an open ended class interval.
• The process of analysing qualitative data becomes easy by the help of mode.
• It can be located graphically by the help of polygon and histogram.
The demerits of mode given in Mode Assignment Help are
• Mode cannot be located rigidly like mean.
• When unequal class intervals are given, mode cannot be determined.
• Further algebraic calculations like correlation, skewness, etc are not possible with mode. These calculations can be done by mean.
• Mode exists as a rough estimate.
• Mode is remarked as the most ill-defined average as there are different methods and different formula which gives different results of mode.
• It has many limitations regarding the scale of measurement.
• Statistical analysis is not possible.

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