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Sometimes we need to find a small needle in the haystack. It becomes difficult if we are uncertain of the location and size of the needle. But parameters like such will create a protocol and it will get easy to find the needle. Similarly software developers create algorithms to search a small text in the pattern. These algorithms are called as string match algorithms. Many computer courses have this algorithm as their subject in order to learn more and more about it. So, we deliver our Naive String Matching Algorithm Assignment Help for students who find this complex subject difficult to deal with.

What is Naive String Matching Algorithm?

The main objective of any string searching algorithm is to locate a particular text pattern with in a large body of text. For example searching a small word in a particular book and how many times it is repeated. Speed and efficiency are the two most important terms for string searching with most algorithms. There are numerous string searching algorithms but in our Naive String Matching Algorithm Assignment Help we provide a detailed insight over the naïve string matching algorithm.

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Naive String Matching Algorithm explanation

In this string matching approach, the pattern is made to move over every text in the paragraph one by one and recorded for a match. If any match occurs while searching the text, then it returns initial index number to where the pattern belongs in the text. This process is again iterated and slides by one again to verify for subsequent matches of the pattern in texts. As per our Naive String Matching Algorithm Assignment Help team experts, the following is an example of the code for Naive String Matching Algorithm.
n = length(text);
m = length(patter,);
limit = n-m;
j = 0, k = 0;
for (i = 0; i <= limit; i++)
j = 0;
k = i;
for (j = 0; j <= m AND str[k] == pat[j]; j++) k++; if (j >= m)
Add i to array_Shift;
return array_Shift;

Demonstration of naïve string matching algorithm

Let the text be “A C A A B C”
Let the pattern be “A A B”
Now by corroborating the text with pattern
Let the text be “A C A A B C”
Let the pattern be “A A B”
Here, first A will be compared to A and a match is found. But if the pattern slides by one, then C would be compared with A. Hence, no match is found. So, until and unless a common match is searched, the pattern will keep moving. This is how Naive String Matching Algorithm works. For achieving good grades by submitting remarkable assignments kindly contact our Naive String Matching Algorithm Assignment Help team.
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