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1.O’Brian’s Department Stores allocates the costs of the Personnel and Payroll departments to three retail sales departments, Housewares, Clothing, and Furniture. In addition to providing services to the operating departments, Personnel and Payroll provide services to each other. O’Brian’s allocates Personnel Department costs on the basis of the number of employees and Payroll Department costs on the basis of gross payroll. Cost and allocation information for June is as follows:






   Clothing Furniture
Direct department cost  

$ 6,900


$ 3,200

$ 12,200  

$ 20,000

$ 15,750
Number of employees 5 3 8 15 4
Gross payroll     $ 6,000 $ 3,300 $ 11,200 $ 17,400 $ 17,400

(a) Determine the percentage of total Personnel Department services that was provided to the Payroll Department. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
_____ %
(b) Determine the percentage of total Payroll Department services that was provided to the Personnel Department. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
_____ %
2.Assume that El Paso Corporation provides you with the following information for one of its
department’s operations for September (no new material is added in Department B):

WIP inventory—Department B
Beginning inventory (8,800 units, 25% complete with
respect to Department B costs)
Transferred-in costs (from Department A) $ 43,750
Department B conversion costs 14,900
Current work (20,100 units started)
Prior department costs 106,530
Department B costs 198,400

The ending inventory has 3,800 units, which are 50 percent complete with respect to Department B costs and 100 percent complete for prior department costs.
Use a production cost report using FIFO. (Round your amounts to the nearest whole unit/dollar except for “cost per equivalent unit” which should be rounded to two decimal places.)
3.The fields company has two manufacturing departments, forming and painting. The company uses the weighted-average method of process-costing. At the beginning of the month, the forming department has 25,000 units in inventory, 60% complete as to materials and 40% complete as to conversion costs. The beginning inventory cost of $60,100 consisted of $44,800 of direct material costsand $15,300 of conversion cost. During the month, the forming department started 300,000 units. At the end of the month, the forming department had 30,000 units in ending inventory, 80% complete as to materials and 30% complete as to conversion. Units completed in the forming department are transferred to the painting department.
Cost information for the forming department is as follows: Beginning work in process inventory $60,100, Direct materials added during the month 1,231,200, Conversion added during the month 896,700.
a) Calculate the equivalent units of production for the forming department.
b) Caluclate the costs per equivalent unit of production for the forming department.
c) Using the weighted-average method, assign costs to the forming departments output- specifically, its units transferred to painting and its ending work in process inventory.

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4.Sue Electronics makes CD players in three processes: programming, and packaging. Direct materials are added at the beginning of the assembly process. Conversion costs are incurred evenly throughout the process. The Assembly Department had no work in process on March 31. In mid – April, Sue Electronics started production on 100,000 CD players. Of this number, 76100 CD players were assembled during April and transferred out to the Programming Department. The April 30 work in process in the Assembly Department was 40% of the way through the assembly process. Direct materials costing $375,720 were positioned in production in Assembly during April, and direct labor of $157,700 and manufacturing overhead of $98,595 were assigned to that department.
a)Draw a time line for the Assembly Department.
b)Use the time line to assist you computes the number of equivalent units and the cost per equivalent unit in the Assembly Department for April.
c)Assign total costs in the Assembly Department to
(i) units completed and transferred to Programming during April and
(ii) units still in process at April 30.
d)Prepare a T – account for Work in Process Inventory – Assembly to show its activity during April, including the April 30 balance.
5.Gafat Engineering Ethio Plc manufactures two types of TV sets – LCD and CRT – both having only one model. The LCD and CRT television sets sell for Br 9,000 and Br5,000, respectively. The company sells its products through its own stores and other outlets. Total fixed expenses are Br15,000,000 per month. Variable expenses and monthly sales data are given below:
Variable expenses Br5,000 Br2,000
Monthly sales in units 2,000 3,000
Required: (unless stated figures should be computed for one month)
a) Determine breakeven total volume of sales and sales volume for each product.
b) Determine sales volume and sales revenue for the company to earn Br500,000 profit after 30% profit tax.
c) The company has planned to incur Br 200,000 monthly selling (promotional) expenses to increase sales volume for its LCD TV sets to 4,000. If the plan materializes and other things remain constant, determine breakeven sales volume and sales revenue for the company.
d) The company has planned to buy new and improved technology that reduces variable production expenses for its LCD TV set to Br4,000 while increasing its monthly fixed production costs by Br500,000. If the plan materializes and other things remain constant, determine breakeven sales volume and sales revenue for the company.
e) If the company is guaranteed with total sales volume of 10,000 TV sets in a given month, should it go for option “c” or “d” above given that sales mix remained constant as provided in each of the two options? Why? What if the guaranteed total sales volume of 7,000 instead of 10,000? Why? What should be the guaranteed total sales volume for the two options to provide equal profit to the company?

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