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Open GL, stands for open graphics library. It is the computer industry’s standard application program interface that is capable demonstrating 2-d and 3-d graphic images. As a pre requisite to Open GL, a company developing a graphical application first had to rewrite the graphics part of it. This should be done for each operating system platform. It is also made sure that it to be cognizant of the graphics hardware as well. We bring Open GL Assignment Help tothe students of computer science to load them with the basics and fundamentals of this course.

What is Open GL

Open GL is the prioritized environment for introducing and manipulating portable, interactive 2D and 3D graphics applications. It was introduced in the year in 1992. Since then, Open GL has taken the position of industry’s highly prorotized and supported 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface (API). It has helped bringing thousands of applications to a range of variety of computer platforms. Open GL feeds new discoveries and speeds up application development by introducing a broad set processes. Our Open GL Assignment Help team experts state that these includes of rendering, texture mapping, special effects, and other powerful visualization functions. Power of Open GL is used by many developers across all popular desktop and workstation areas. A long range of application deployment is also considered.

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Developer-Driven Advantages

• Industry standard: as it is widely used in industries, Open GL is the only truly open, vendor-neutral, multiplatform graphics standard.
• Stable: it has been more than seven years for open GL on a long range of platforms. New changes are always notified to the developers.
• Reliable and portable: Consistent visual display results on any Open GL API- supported hardware makes it reliable and portable
• Evolving: New hardware are being compatible through the API via the Open GL extension mechanism.
• Easy to use: Its intuitive design and logical commands make its operation simpler. Encapsulation of information by driver regarding the underlying hardware also makes it look easy.
• Well-documented: bookish data is available in abundance to understand the technology in deep.

Topics to be covered in Open GL Assignment Help?

To be honest, our Open GL Assignment Help team experts are capable of carrying out any assignment topic given to them. But as per recent trend the following topics are new and can be used by our clients for Open GL Assignment Help .
• Graphics system
• Graphics model
• Windows and view ports
• Projections
• Input and interaction in open gl
• Transformations in 2d and 3d
• Viewing in 3d
• Geometrical objects
• Homogeneous coordinates
• Matrix representation
• Hidden surface removal
• Light sources (ray tracing, surface detail, radiosity)
• Illumination and shading
• Light, shading, and materials

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