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Computer is a machine that serves the purpose of reducing human work in terms of logical understanding, calculative perspectives and data storage ability. An operating system also abbreviated as O.S is a collaborative synchronization of software that manages computer hardware resources to provide common services for computer programs. The operating system is an important component in a computer system. Students carrying out the courses of computer science have a mandatory course of operating system and sometimes they find it difficult to organize extra activities like assignments and projects given by educational institutions. Hence, we are here to deliver operating system assignment help and our experts are considered to be the best in this field.

Introduction to Operating System


An Operating System (OS) acts as an interface between a user and computer hardware. An operating system is basically software that is installed to perform tasks like file management, memory management, process management, handling input and output, and manipulating peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC are few of the popular operating systems readily available in market. From our Operating System Assignment Help, we ensure that the student gets delivered the best explanations and terminologies of operating system.

Tasks of operating system


As our Operating System Assignment Help team experts have mentioned above the respective tasks by operating system, here we provide an explicable insight over it.

1. Memory management: It is the management of Main Memory that is a large array of words where each word has its separate address. by this a fast storage can be accessed by CPU albeit the program should be in main memory. Keeping records of primary memory is a task done by OS for memory management. It also allocates and de allocates memory when the program is being used and not used respectively.

2. Processor Management: a function called process scheduling is performed as per which the OS decides which process gets the processor when and for how much time. An O.S keeps records for the status of processor by a program called as traffic controller. 

3. Device Management: An O.S, for device management controls the I/O Controller to keep track of all the devices. It also decides the time to be allocated to each device by allocating devices in an efficient way.

4. File Management: the purpose of easy navigation is completed by organizing files into directories.

An Operating System, for file management creates a file system where the location of the file along with uses and status are fed. It also decides when to allocate and de-allocate the resources.

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Types of operating systems


The following shows the classification of operating systems. Our experts from Operating System Assignment Help team are professionals who have worked under these software and know it inside out.

i. Batch operating system v. real time operating system
ii. Time sharing operating system vi. Hard-real time operating system
iii. Distributed operating system vii. Soft real-time operating system
iv. Network operating system

The afore-mentioned technology assignments are also completed by our Operating System Assignment Help team and we advice our clients to contact them as soon as possible.

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