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Amazon has implemented a market based transactional relationship with the suppliers and the vendors. Amazon’s market place in simple words can be described as farmer’s market where both buyers and sellers meet in order to exchange their goods. In other words Amazon charges a nominal commission in order to provide these buyers and sellers a platform where they can conduct their functions.
In order to maintain a healthy decorum in the market place Amazon has documented a set of supply chain standards which is called as supplier code of standards and responsibilities, which describes that all the suppliers and vendors on this platform must follow the best of practices which are in the best interest of both the Amazon and consumer expectations. Unlike any other platform or retailer both buyers and sellers on Amazon platform must agree to the participation agreement which is in the best interest of the market place.
It is an automatic procedure where when the seller or third party want to sell their product has to agree to the terms and conditions of the Amazon market place. They have to choose an option where it is mentioned like become Amazon vendor or Sell on Amazon. Amazon also employs an independent audit team which inspect supplier site, interviews the workers on the site, reviewing the site documentation and other various activities which is important for the right functioning of the activity. Amazon also carries out many other functions in order to create a good and perfect working environment for the employees and workers. Amazon also emphasizes on the following areas:

  • Carrying out standard norms for the health and safety of its employees within the factory or working area.
  • Considering the right methods for the employee benefits and legal wages
  • Following the standard norms for working hours and pay for overtime
  • Avoiding forced or child labour within the manufacturing area
  • Following ethical behaviour, fir treatment and no discrimination policy
  • Structuring a efficient management team which examines the compliance regarding the operations and which deploys continual improvement process
  • Following the environmental law
  • Producing goods which must not use any particular minerals or materials which are prohibited in any particular country

All the buyers and suppliers are liable in taking the responsibility regarding the aforementioned rules and any violations of it will immediately effect the termination of the relationship.

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