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Computer is an assembly of hardware and software and when they are connected over a network, all the devices synchronize to help the user share data, browse web and perform other applications. Such networks are useful for business and allow the developers to facilitate digital communication products and software programs. OSI is a reference model which lets the software applications communicate over a network. Such references can get complicated with time and the studies regarding it are certainly confusing. So to deal with them in a fundamental and better way, we here deliver OSI Model Assignment Help to students in this area.

Brief explanation of OSI


OSI is also known as open Systems Interconnections. It was developed by international standards organization with the aim of providing smooth communication among various networks. OSI model provides a platform to the vendors involved in telecommunications to explain their products and their services. From our OSI Model Assignment Help students can benefit themselves with the fundamentals of 7 Layers of OSI Model that explains the processing of it. Here network keep the function together in an appropriate layer with respect to the model.

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Layers of OSI Model


Layers of OSI model were developed while working on a network framework by ISO. They developed a 7 layer signifying the process of communications in between two end points in a telecommunication network. As per our OSI Model Assignment Help team experts, it controls the flow of data down through the layers in the source computer and then again up through the layer in receiving computer.


  • The following are the 7 layers of OSI model


1. The application layer: identification of communication partners is done in this layer. Assessment of network capacity is done to create the ends of sending and receiving. It is a set of protocols and services an application may need to make use of directly.

2. The presentation layer: usually a part of the operating system, this layer converts the incoming and outgoing data from one format to the other. From clear text to encrypted text at the sending end and vice versa at receiving end is an example.

3. The session layer: coordination and termination of conversations among users is done at this layer. If at all any interruption comes, this layer reconnects after proper authentication. Transmission control protocol and user datagram protocol are such web based services.

4. The transport layer: once the data has arrived, a checking for errors is done by this layer. It also looks after packetization and delivery of data.

5. The network layer: the sending of data in the right direction while outgoing and incoming transmissions at the packet level is done by network layer. Internet protocol is the network layer for internet.

6. The data link layer: assorting packets into the network frames, this layer set ups links across the physical network. Logical link layer and media access control layer are the two sub layers in this category. The major data link layer in use these days is Ethernet.

7. The physical layer: at various electrical, optical and radio level a bit stream is conveyed through this layer. Sending and receiving of data on a carrier network is provided with hardware means in this layer.

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